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welcome to my little corner of the internet,my name is Nyan or Nyana and i am a non-binary bean who mostly makes
art, stories and audio. my goal is to make your day a bit brighter with the content that i make. i hope we can have some good times toghter.

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NyanaCreation's News

Posted by NyanaCreation - April 5th, 2018

Hey Guy's 

So i haven't posted someting in a little bit. for what i am doing now is studying for tests and that can be freaking stress
full and that sucks alot. (so my mind is trying not to fail and hoping i will not for this year) anyway i have 
been prectasing how to draw with alchahol markers and i am trying to inprove my drawing style (although it's
hard to see when you just look at two pictures you just drew :p ) 

And of course i wanted to start the project. i had some troubel starting it. i usually have trouble starting projects for some reason but i wanted to start writing the scripts today so the voice actor can start and practise them as well. 
and of course i am working on cosplay. 

About the script: 
it's going to be really simple at first just some random ASMRs and after that i want a ASMR series. mabey one that guides you trough an adventure or mabey ghost town or something. i love the fact you can close your eyes and just think about how the place looks and of course how the person talking looks. mabey i want the character to realise you can only lissen. it would be so cool just to do that and make a whole fantasy world around it. i am so excited to start the project and just let the lisseners enjoy the journey they go on. it's also an challange for me with writing. i need to really think about what the character wants to say, make a personallity, think about how things can be said, how noises need to sound as well as think about how the lissener will react and of course what they might think. i love that this will be a new challange (if i can start it) and mabey i can discover a whole new world. as well as i hope that everyone enjoyes it. 

About the cosplay: 
for the people who are curious i am now busy with my Jack Frost cosplay. an awesome friend is helping me get an awesome wig that i can use for it. this will be my first profecional cosplay or one i put into alot of energy. i made the staff myself and i am really proud of it. although walking home and sitting in the bus was freaking akward :p i had a nice short conversation because of it though. anyway i am searching for the hoodie and the pants now. i am going to paint the hoodie myself and i will modefy the pants if it needs and shoes i don't need because he doesn't wear shoes.

I really wanted to go Comic Con Summer 2018 but i couldn't because this cosplay wasn't finished yet. my friend went there and went as Zelda (she looked freaking awesome and she made the costume with help of her mom and she looked stunning, she blew me away ^^ ) i really wanted to go with her but i didn't have any other parts of the costume and i really hated that but it had to be that way. (it was also expencive so i wanted to have some more money before i am going to spend it all :p ) i am planning to go to the winter Comic Con 2018 though. it also fits with Jack Frost alot more and i hope my friend can be there than. i could't find him last year there so i hope this year he can come and can acompany Jack Frost ^^ anyway i really hope i can finish the whole cosplay before Winter Comic Con 2018. 

I really want a photoshoot when i get it done. mabey i can get some friends to help me out ^^ anyway i hope you enjoy that little cosplay update. thanks for reason. 

I hope you enjoy reading this and have an awesome day 
otherwise i hope that i made your day a little brighter ^^









(i wanted to share alot of music today i hope you all enjoy it some are some dance video's but they are still freaking awesome) 


Posted by NyanaCreation - March 10th, 2018

Hey Guys

It has been a while from when i uploaded something. i thought it would be fair to explain some things about that because i don't find it honest to leave people in the dark especially the people who support me all the way. (one side note not related to this is that i am going to check out how i can upload better quility art photo's so they are more clear.) 

Anyway these last weeks has been a rolecoasterr for me be to be honest. a part of what i left behind with my old school came back to me last week. you probebly think ''okay? what is it?'' and thats the hard part. i have had depresion for a long while and i got better or atleast the last year i have been working on it so i would feel better and it worked but i also have depressing times. it is hard to explain. it just kicks in somethimes and that is the worst. i had this week. this week i have been feeling alot better. but that was a reason to stay away for a while. i needed to work on myself as wel as that i had worked from 2 pm to 2 am in the morning for like a whole week and that was reallu nice because i could be with family. (and i dont have that because i have really busy school days) the only thing was that i was exhasuted as well. this weekend is my first weekend where i can really relax for a while without school, friends or work and i am happy i can finally do that. 

So that where the reasons that i stayed awat for a bit. i am not sure when the next depressing period comes but i hope it gets better sooner than. i just want to upload a bit more again so i won't leave you guys alone. i cant promise anything because then i would be lying but i am going to try my best to give better quility art photo's as well that i want to start to a new project. 

So about the project: 

while i was alone i lissend to ASMR i know it sounds weird and it is :p anyway i needed someone to say to me that i was okay and i lissend to some anime friend ones. i felt a little bit alone at night when i didn't want to talk to people. and that helped me through some hard nights while having horrible thoughts. someone comforted me with sweet words and said it would be okay. and that is what i needed. and i wanted to do the same :p 

I don't want to start one of those weird ASMR's where they smack into the mic because i hate that. but one where you just normally can lissen to where when you need it someone comforts you. it will be nothing weird like eating a cucomber or something XD but i want that if people feel terrible and they need someone but have nobody to talk to they can lissen to that and they feel better. like there is someone who really cares about you. i was planning to call it Goodnight:(insurt name) and so you can choose. 

I am not planning to do the voice acting myself because i am not really comfortable with how i sound and who i am but i am planning to ask my friends for help (because they have some nice voices)  and of course what they say is what i have writen because of course it's my project :P but that was a project i was thinking about mabey it will happen mabey not but i hope it will ^^ 

anyway i hope that everyone has an awesome day/afternoon/night. 
and keep on a smile ^^ 






Posted by NyanaCreation - January 30th, 2018

Hey Guy's 

So mabey some of you have seen my post that i made a couple days ago (two posts ago i think) there i tell you i am making the staff of jack frost from the movie: Rise of The Guardians. (i love that movie) and as some of you know it is called cosplaying and i love it alot so i descided to talk about a bit more so. i enjoy it alot and mabey one of you is curius about it and i can drag you into the cosplay world as well ^_^ 

so i will answer some quistions that i made up myself to talk a bit more about cosplay and why i do it and mabey some of you have quistions as well. (don't be shy and ask them i love talking about cosplaying and why i do it ^_^) so here are some quistions about it: 


-When did you start cosplaying and how did you get into it?
answer: i started cosplaying begin of 2017/ end 2016. me and a friend both love anime and we found for the first time in a long time a person who loves it to. thats how we got to know each other. we both where watching Yuri On Ice and we loved all of it. 

eventually i said: Hey wouldn't it be fun to ice skate into those outfits? and she agreed and thats how we bought the whole costume. we both loved Yuri and Victor and had out favorite and it was great. She played Victor and i played Yuri and we where both happy. eventually we started to buy wigs and went to a con in it and that is how the thing started. 

-Why do you Love cosplaying so much?
hmm.. i think that i love it so much because i am not the standard person anyway. i always stood out of the croud and was bullied for it badly. as well as i am not the typical 'girl' you see walking around. i stepped into a guy outfit and played a guy and i fell in love. 

I never felt like a girl to be honest and i loved the feeling cosplaying gave me. i felt like myself, and i could be myself. and of course i met awesome people as who cosplay as well. the community all around you that you feel is just awesome and everyone can be themself and that is one of the things i love about it ^_^

-Why did Yuri On Ice become your first cosplay?
To be honest i don't know. it was a couple outfit that i could do with a friend and it was not to difficult to play as well. to figure out the right wig was a bit difficult to find because we had limited amount that where not awesome quality but we did it anyway :p and it is alot of fun to do.

-How was your first confention?
the Con was awesome. i went with my friend (who was the second day a bit grumpy) but i loved it. there where so maney awesome cosplayers, and so maney nice people. we went to a Yuri On Ice photo shoot (where i still haven't found the photo's of what is pretty frustrating) but i loved meeting new people. i wish i could go to america to visit an ever bigger Con ^_^

-Do you regret any decisions on the Con?
i kinda did. the grumpyness of my friend brought my mood down a bit and that wasn't to nice but i enjoyed myself. also i want to interact alot more than last time and talk with alot of people i find cool. the most fun part was talking other Yuri On Ice cosplayers and how goofy and nice they where and i want to do that again and mabey make some new friends on the way as well. as well i want to speak to the artists more and see if i can learn there something as well as take alot of more pictures with all the amezing cosplayers. 

-Have you done a photoshoot?
I have had a little one with my friend when we first put on our costumes. we just went outside (luckly it was sunny) and we just made pictures of each other when we found a beautiful spot and we made some really beautiful photo's as well so i am really happy about that. 

-How did people react around you?
when we first went outside and we got some really confussed stares and looks when we where walking around. my dad supports this and loves that i am busy with something creative, and i found some friends who secretly loved cosplaying as well and some find it just like dress up (what it is not but anyway) we got an awesome responds from two girls in a car though, they where aplauding us and stick up there thumbs to let us see we looked great or that they found it awesome. every time we saw a reacting we would laugh and talk about it and it was awesome to feel that way. 

-How did friends react?
Some friends reacted pretty cool and even wanted to go with us (and they did) and some friends just thought it was dress up and didn't understand it and still don't. they don't say much about it but they don't do it and find it a bit weird but i also got alot of my friends to cosplay or drag them into cosplay. 

-Who did you drag into the cosplay world?
my first cosplay partner i kinda did :p i have seen people doing it for a long time and wanted to do it as well and this was my first step. as well as this week i got one of my friends who wants to cosplay for a long time into it. i am playing jack frost for my next cosplay or i want to play him and i told her about my friend not wanting to be elsa as a joke. i make that joke to irrittate her a bit but my other friend got excited and now got a reason to cosplay as well (of course i asked her if she really wanted to do it and she agreed so we are figuring things out) 

-Have or are you making props for cosplaying?
right now i am busy with the staff of jack frost and that is the first prop i ever made for cosplaying. it is pretty logical because i only do it for a year now but i want to. i love being creative and making things so cosplaying and making my own props is an awesome outlit for me and helps me to inprove as well. 

-Are you planning to enter any competitons?
Yes, deventually. of course i want a better cosplay character where i feel 100% in and one i love alot but i have to have a couple more cosplayes for that before i will do that. but when i have the option to enter one i will and mabey who knows i will meet some awesome people on stage and get people to love the act ^_^ 

-What are te cosplayes you want to do in the future?
Of course as all of you know now i want to play Jack Frost from the movie: Rise of the Guardians.
Ciel Phantomhive from the anime: Black buttler/Kurishitsuji
Hinata from the anime: Haikyu. 
Juuzou Suzuya/Rei from the anime: Tokyo Ghoul 
and i am not sure after those characters what characters i want to cosplay, but i will probebly know in a year or so because i have seen alot more animes and movies than of course ^_^

-Why do you only play male characters?
This probebly sounds weird but i feel alot more at home in a male character. i am not a feminine type and love the things characters do in movies and animes. i relate alot more to those characters than female characters. of course i wouldn't mind trying once but i love cosplaying a male alot more. It's just a prefference for me ^_^ 

-Do you have a social media for this? 
sadly i have not but i am planning to make an Instargram for cosplaying soon. i really want to save and show people my photo's and inspire them to try it as well. and of course i want to show my friends what i am doing with cosplaying those years. it is also a great platform to show off the cons i have been to (now just one but later on that will be alot more) it's just about sharing and seeing the progress :p 

-What would you say to people who just start cosplaying?
I would say to them just be yourself. some people find cosplaying weird and childisch but it makes alot of people super happy as well it makes an awesome community that loves everyone. you can just be yourself and it doesn't matter if it is bad or not or that you have put a thousand dollars/euro's or just one dollar/euro/. it matters what you think about it and if you enjoy yourself. it's all about having fun and eventually you will find awesome people and mabey form a group that you will have the rest of your life so don't be scared to start. when the journey starts it only gets better ^_^

Anyway that where all the quistions i think where the most inportant if you have any don't be shy and please ask ^_^ i am open to anything. here are some cosplay music video's who show you a bit of that world ^_^ i hope you enjoy it <3 






Posted by NyanaCreation - January 22nd, 2018

Hey Guys,

this is kinda a special poem i wrote to express my feelings about something and i wanted to share it. i hope you enjoy it. it is called: A Sad Goodbye.

Sad Goodbye:

the sun shines bright up in the sky.
you have been sitting next to me for months. 
we looked up at the sky with stars and clouds,
but eventually they faded away. 

the sun slowly goes down and it is almost time to leave.
we looked up at the birds in the sky that where dancing.
we saw the most beautiful sunsets and saw the worst storms. 
but soon it will be over.....

we sat under the sky and in the darkness we saw the most beautiful stars.
when it was noon we saw the sun and at night the moon. 

and now those times will not come for a long time.

we both stand up and look at each other.
we both know what we think. 
we hug and than hold hands and walk of the little mountain we sat on toghter. 

after we walk down we let go. 
we look at each other, hug again and walk away. 
i go east, and my old friend goes west. 
we have to say a sad goodbye...

my heart goes faster each step i go away, 
and tears role down my face.
i wonder if you have the same. 
thoughts that spin around in your mind. 

what if i made a mistake? 

what if i lost someone dear?

what if i never see them again?

when will i see them again? 

the tears from relieve, 
the tears from sadness, 
and the tears that had to say a sad goodbye. 
that will never be forgotten. 

my memories will always be close to my heart,
they will be locked up tight in a box.
a box of inportant memories. 
a box where i will keep your image alive. 
a box with a sad memorie.

but that sad memorie will help you grow,
and when we meet again at that little mountain,
where we can see stars, dancing birds and storms,
where we first met. 

i will cry from happiness,
but until then this will be our....

sad goodbye.






Posted by NyanaCreation - January 21st, 2018

Hey Guys,

So a couple weeks i have started a new project for one of my classes. of course as some know i do art and somethimes make things for myself. as well as i am a cosplayer. i started last year with cosplay and have my first cosplay hanging in my closet :3 what is already amezing and i am planning to do more. the on i have now is Yuri fro Yuri on ice (an anime i have watched some time ago) 

So for one of my classes i had to make something with the theme traveling. of course i thought of things but it was hard to think of something because i don't do alot with that theme. anyway i saw the movie: The Rise Of the Guardians. i saw jack frost and his staff and something clicked imeaditaly. i wanted to make his staff, and cosplay him mabey for next year but that would be awesome.

i started sketching away the staff in my dummy (a sketching/drawing book) and got to work on the project. i am so appy it is turning out great, and i wanted to ask you all if you wanted to see pictures of it? i would love to share them with you and see your opinions about it. 

anyway that was my quistion for you all ^_^ my next cosplay after jack frost probebly be Ciel Phantomhive from the anime black butller. (i would love to play that) if you have any ideas for a new coslay i would love to hear it just keep in mind i usually only play male characters as well as mostly they are from animes. but i am open to all your ideas and don't hesatate to tell me ^_^ (i am curious what the opinions will be) 

okay that was my little talk of the day thanks for lissening ^_^ 
(and enjoy the music i put in ;) ) 






Posted by NyanaCreation - January 17th, 2018

Hey Guy's 

So today wasn't really my day. it was first of all a long day in Classes and i was exhausted as well as everyone seems to leave me in the dirt when i ask for help, and of course today was nothing different. i feel a bit better from when i came home but still i was not happy. some guy in one of my classes just said he ''was tired'' with the face that he was lying and that gets me frustrated. people here seem so heartless. i asked if he could help me lift up somthing super heavy and just an end off that thing. he just slammed it down while it isn't so hard. further my friends seem to be having fun with each other while i feel left out.. and that sucks. i know i have always been the odd one and i seek ways to not show that i am upset because it hurts people but this time i can't hide it. 

It feels like the whole world is against me while it is probebly not but still. i know there are people (awesome people) that are open to help, and atleast one girl helped me and i send her a message with a long thanks because she deserves to know that. still i feel trapped, with some friends , with myself and some more things but i can't get out. 

mabey it was just the day, mabey the universe wanted it to happen that way. or mabey it was some person in the clouds or something else. it depends on what you believe in. i just have to keep my head up high right? i don't want to fall down the hole of depression again. atleast i could get it off my chest for a bit. so thanks for lissening. 

i really appreaciate every single one of you and i hope mabey one day i'll say hello to you. 
I hope you all have an awesome day and stay positive ^_^ 




Posted by NyanaCreation - January 4th, 2018

Hey guys, 

so this poem i wrote a little while ago. if you read it you probebly might think there is something wrong but don't worry there is not. this was just a way to express myself and to just write some stuff of like for an instant a past i had or something that happend. this poem i think can relate to everyone because it's about all kind of scars but still that there is a story to them that isn't all that bad and helps you grow and the meaning you can think of (don't worry, if you want to share your thoughts do it i would love to hear about them) anyway i hope you enjoy the poem ^_^


you know when i lift my sleeves you will see nothing.
it's like nothing happend at all.
but beneath the flesh there are scars deeper than you can see.
they are invisible scars of memories from the past.

you know when i lift the pipes of my pants you can see scars. 
you can see little round scars and straight lines.
you can see white and red spots, the ones that never had the chance too heal. 

you know when you see my fingers you see ripped of skin and wounds.
they are small but they are there.
the scars are from pealing of skin because someone doesn't know what to do.
the scars are from someone who is nervous and isn't comfortable then.

you know when you see my face there is a little wound somewhere. 
there is always a tiny little wound. 
i don't hide it like the other scars. 
it's the only one to be seen.

you know when you see my back it is covered in scars. 
people somethimes ask me how i get them and i say nothing and go on.
nobody knows why they are there and nobody will know except for me. 
you know why? because scars are like little stories.

each one tells a story but it's a sad story it has to tell.
people don't want scars because it would make them ugly.
i was scared for scares for a long time 
but when you count them they all have a story.

they can't hide it. they want to tell it. 
but are you ready to tell them there story?


I hope you all enjoyed that and got your own opinion about it. again don't be shy i would love to hear what you thought about it ^_^ anyway here is some music i choose for all of you to enjoy: 




Posted by NyanaCreation - December 28th, 2017

Hey Guy's

So some of you know (not alot but a few) that i want a new hair style of course not something you would expect the direction i would go to but this is inportant. until a couple months i always had loooooong hair, like really long. beyond my shoulders and usually until half my back. or a little bit shorter. let me explain where i am going with this story,

Until a couple months ago i desided to change that and cut it short (a little bit above my shoulders) this was a huge change for how i looked and for the people around me and it looked pretty good. anyway my friends where pretty shocked but they liked it. i really liked the change in hair style and how i looked. anyway that pasted and it became normal like you would expect, and i wasn't searching for who i was in that time. 

these last couple months i tried to figure out who i am and what i want to do and want to become as a person. it sounds weird but physical changes like your hairstyle is a big part of that because it changes the way you look at people. around two months ago or a bit longer i kinda knew where i wanted to go. the only thing i am scared of is my family and my friends. i want to cut it really short and that is a huge change in how i look. i am scared they will not like it and mabey i will be regected because of it (and i have no idea how my hairstyle will look) 

i wanted to ask you all for help and advice for what i should think of this and if i can do it now or later or if they would except it or not. and if you have experience please share it with me that would be a huge help to be honest. (and if you have ideas for really short hairstyles feel free to share them ^_^) 

anyway i hope some of you can help me with this because i am kinda stuck right now and feel bad for not doing it while otherwise i feel bad for mabey dissapointing people. (kinda weird how i care how people see me)  but anyway i hope you all can help me with this and otherwise have an awesome time with your family these days ^_^ 

if you read it all trough thanks for lissening to me ^_^ 
here is some music you can enjoy ;)  




Posted by NyanaCreation - December 17th, 2017

Hey guys,

So because i haven't writen further on the story i was have worked on a little poem. i wrote it in a couple minutes and i was pretty happy with it. this is my first time i have writen an poem so please cut me some slack with the writing of it. anyway i hope you all like it ^_^ and please leave an comment telling me what you thought all of this was about ^_^

A Parents Job

You know that kid down the street? 
some call her suzy,
people say she never comes outside unless she needs to.
people say she is weird and i should stay away.
even my parents grab me while we walk past her house.

they tell me: don't look at her or she will talk.
i am not sure what they talk about but i still walk past her.
do i know her? probebly not...

my curiousity always got the better of me.
i am someone curious i guess?

i see suzy walking trough the hallways of the school every lunch break.
she always sits alone.
do i go to her? or can i not walk to her?
i have always been curious about her.

my mind of course doesn't want to go,
but on the same time it does. 
i am not sure what i want to do.
do i go for it?
or do i not?

i just know this:

they call her suzy,
they call her the weird kid down the street,
she doesn't live on her own,
she does care for her mother,

they say her mother is an adict,
mabey drugs,
mabey alchahol? who knows what's going on but her.

people never wanted to find out her story,
it's an tragic story,
suzy is an parent,
suzy is someone who cares for her mother even though she is young,
she cares for others.

she just is miss understood by alot of people,
that's why she hides in plain sight.
mabey i'll become friends.
mabey i will not but,

she is one word...


she is brave.


i hope you enjoyed that poem i am happy how it turned out. anyway i also found a quote i don't know from who it is. and unlike the poem that i wrote myself this is from someone else i just really wanted to share something with this message with you all. i hope it can make your day a bit brighter ^_^


Hey, you. You, who works so hard.
You, who puts so much positive energy into everything you touch. 
You, a bright, shining light for everyone you know. 
It can be easy to forget these things and push aside your accomplishments on cloudy days, 
days when you don't pet enough puppies, or days when you don't get a call you were hoping for. 
However, you are stronger than all these things. 
There is always more sunshine, there are always more puppies, and there is always someone out there, 
thinking of you. Regardless of circumstance, you are ALWAYS wonderful, and things are just about to get better.

Step away from the screen. 
Don’t compare yourself to them — it isn’t fair to measure how you feel against what others 
choose to show you about their lives.Your work has value. 
Your ideas only seem obvious to you. 
Creativity IS perspective—how you see the world is unique to you. 
No, it won’t connect with everyone, but it will resonate with someone if you allow it to.
What if, instead of believing you aren’t enough, you just decided you were? 
Maybe you could be great. Maybe you already are (you probably are). 
The world is full enough of people who will try to shrink you. 
Why be one of them? You can be your own worst critic…or your biggest ally. 
Think about it. Feel that flicker of light? That’s possibility. Maybe you are great. 
Yeah, you are. Hold that thought. Store it somewhere you can return to. Visit often.


Anyway good job to the people who wrote this it is possitive and gives hope and i hope it all did as well for everyone who reads this ^_^ anyway i hope you all have a awesome day/night/afternoon and enjoy the music ;)




Posted by NyanaCreation - December 9th, 2017

Hey Guys,

It has been a little while that i have said anything on here or to other people. i haven't been talking to anybody or atleast not here. (in classes a little bit) but i have been trough some situations where i had to close mysellf of for a bit. i am trying now to make more contact with people but it is still a bit hard. 

The situations have been affecting my social interactions and kinda gave me no motivation to do some things or to talk. i somethimes have that with some things i have been trough but not this badly. i hope soon i will be the old me and try to say hi and help people again but for now i want to get myself to that stage. if you find it odd i won't talk about those situations than i am sorry, they are very personal and have been affecting me big time and i am trying to help myself with figuring them out without getting people involved because i don't want to hurt or get them mad about them. it's just something i have to do for myself but atleast know i am trying to get on my feet and be the happy cheery me that helps and writes all kinds of story's as well as draws again. 

I hope you all can be a little bit patient while i try to get on my feet. 
anyway thanks for lissening, i hope you all have an amezing day ^_^