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Welcome to my little corner of the internet, you can call me Nyana and i am a tomboy or how i call it nonbinary. you will mostly find story's and handmade drawings of mine. i try to stay positive and bright up people's day. i hope you enjoy my content ^_^


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A poem

Posted by NyanaCreation - December 17th, 2017

Hey guys,

So because i haven't writen further on the story i was have worked on a little poem. i wrote it in a couple minutes and i was pretty happy with it. this is my first time i have writen an poem so please cut me some slack with the writing of it. anyway i hope you all like it ^_^ and please leave an comment telling me what you thought all of this was about ^_^

A Parents Job

You know that kid down the street? 
some call her suzy,
people say she never comes outside unless she needs to.
people say she is weird and i should stay away.
even my parents grab me while we walk past her house.

they tell me: don't look at her or she will talk.
i am not sure what they talk about but i still walk past her.
do i know her? probebly not...

my curiousity always got the better of me.
i am someone curious i guess?

i see suzy walking trough the hallways of the school every lunch break.
she always sits alone.
do i go to her? or can i not walk to her?
i have always been curious about her.

my mind of course doesn't want to go,
but on the same time it does. 
i am not sure what i want to do.
do i go for it?
or do i not?

i just know this:

they call her suzy,
they call her the weird kid down the street,
she doesn't live on her own,
she does care for her mother,

they say her mother is an adict,
mabey drugs,
mabey alchahol? who knows what's going on but her.

people never wanted to find out her story,
it's an tragic story,
suzy is an parent,
suzy is someone who cares for her mother even though she is young,
she cares for others.

she just is miss understood by alot of people,
that's why she hides in plain sight.
mabey i'll become friends.
mabey i will not but,

she is one word...


she is brave.


i hope you enjoyed that poem i am happy how it turned out. anyway i also found a quote i don't know from who it is. and unlike the poem that i wrote myself this is from someone else i just really wanted to share something with this message with you all. i hope it can make your day a bit brighter ^_^


Hey, you. You, who works so hard.
You, who puts so much positive energy into everything you touch. 
You, a bright, shining light for everyone you know. 
It can be easy to forget these things and push aside your accomplishments on cloudy days, 
days when you don't pet enough puppies, or days when you don't get a call you were hoping for. 
However, you are stronger than all these things. 
There is always more sunshine, there are always more puppies, and there is always someone out there, 
thinking of you. Regardless of circumstance, you are ALWAYS wonderful, and things are just about to get better.

Step away from the screen. 
Don’t compare yourself to them — it isn’t fair to measure how you feel against what others 
choose to show you about their lives.Your work has value. 
Your ideas only seem obvious to you. 
Creativity IS perspective—how you see the world is unique to you. 
No, it won’t connect with everyone, but it will resonate with someone if you allow it to.
What if, instead of believing you aren’t enough, you just decided you were? 
Maybe you could be great. Maybe you already are (you probably are). 
The world is full enough of people who will try to shrink you. 
Why be one of them? You can be your own worst critic…or your biggest ally. 
Think about it. Feel that flicker of light? That’s possibility. Maybe you are great. 
Yeah, you are. Hold that thought. Store it somewhere you can return to. Visit often.


Anyway good job to the people who wrote this it is possitive and gives hope and i hope it all did as well for everyone who reads this ^_^ anyway i hope you all have a awesome day/night/afternoon and enjoy the music ;)




Comments (3)

Wow, I think the rest of your poem turned out wonderful, Sunrise! Here is why:

It looks to me like the hard mental (and maybe physical) work she does at home, caring for her mother, makes her close herself from others. Maybe it's because her effort takes so much energy, and she has none left for being social? Or maybe she doesn't want to involve anyone in her life because of her own reasons. Just a theory.

I feel bad for Suzy, going through what she does, taking care of her mother... their roles are kind of reversed... Suzy is working like a mother, and her mother is needing care like a child :( ...but at the same time, I also admire Suzy, for her strength... it's a pity it comes from something as painful, and maybe even embarrassing as that, though. But her situation will increase her inner strength, empathy and compassion. Important things.

I love that text you found! It puts my thoughts and intentions about a lot of things, and about a certain person, into words :) ...I could not have said that better myself! ^^

Good luck with your week, author ;) ^^

Thanks for sharing both your poem and the quoted poem. Both felt like two parts of a really good post. Sorry, I can't be more in depth than that.

Keep writing, Yo :)

Thanks alot ^_^ and don't worry about going into detphs of the post i know it can be hard ;)
anyway i am already glad you enjoyed it ^_^

and i'll keep writing for sure ;)

The Quote you found is beautiful, and your poem, is even more beautiful, I love the idea of questioning things, wondering if what people say is true or not, if maybe other are just missunderstanding something.

I'm happy to read a poem from you, you have lots of talent :D

yah i really liked the quote myself and wanted to share that as well ^_^ and i am so happy you love my poem :D and yah i like that as well. i have always wondered if people where not wrong about things and this was such a thing. it was an image of seeing someone but not knowing who they really are. that is what most people have and judge them before getting to know them.
i always want to see if it is true with most things and search for something i like alot. (probebly a long word with meaning i wrote there :p )

i am glad you enjoyed it ^_^ and that makes me smile so thanks alot for the compliment.