welcome to my little corner of the internet,my name is Nyan or Nyana and i am a non-binary bean who mostly makes
art, stories and audio. my goal is to make your day a bit brighter with the content that i make. i hope we can have some good times toghter.

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Hey Everyone,

so it has been a while since i last posted and i feel kinda bad about it. i haven't been doing very well lately because of some things that have been going on around me. for starters there was a shooting close to the building i had classes in. if i would have been late i could have been shot what is a scary though as well as some other things have been going on and i don't really want to talk about that. anyway since i felt better today because of my friend alex and my best friend

VikingWalker i desided to do a little list of quiestions. you can thank lTater for that. i looked up her twitter (idk why i was intressted) and saw this list with questions and thought it would be fun to answer. i made some alterations to some questions or removed some because i am not willing to answer them anyway here we go i guess. i hope you can enjoy this and if you want you can put your own answers down in the comment i would love to read them ^^

anyway here i go:

1.prefferd name:

usually people call me by my normal name but online i go by N, Nyan or Nyana.

2.longest relationship:

6 months i am not good in relationships but i try my best. but even so the people i had with i don't regret a thing.

and i learned alot about who i am and how to improve myself.

3. crush:

no crush for me atleast not yet i guess.


i have had pets before 2 irish setters (the cutest puppers ever) but no pets now i would love to have a husly though

and mabey an irish setter again.

5.fav food:

deventually lasagna

6.food you hate:

i don't have alot of food i hate although i don't like olives and blue cheese.

that's all i can think of XD

7.fav animal:

a wolf. i also love the pictures people take of them there usually really beautiful or durpy as fuck what i love.


i prefer they them to be honest but i am not strict with the rules and understand when people make mistakes.


deventually pansexual no doubt. it used to be bisexual but i changed that a bit more than a year ago.



11.someone you miss:

i miss one of my exes and some of my old friends. when i knew him his name started with an M. we had such a good time togehter but it just broke off just like with some other friends but i think it is for the best. i still hope they are all doing okay though. it tought me some really important lessons.

12.fav tv show:

game of thrones for sure. (you know nothing john snow, winter is coming, a lanister always pays his depts etc.)

love the show can't wait for the new season. it is so well writen. (that's my opinion btw :p )

13.do you bind:

for anyone who doesn't know binding is flattening your cest to look more flat (duh XD ) it is usually done by something

called a binder and is called binding. it is a tight vest that is stuck around your boob area and flattens your chest. people do this to feel more like themself and be more comfortable in there skin. it can be done by anyone. but yes i do that.

14.would you change your sexuality if you could:

this is kind of a deep question but my answer is no. i like that i have a sexuality that is open to every single gender and personality or that is how i feel. it makes me me and if i love someone that's all that matters. also i have alot more options that most :p just joking btw.anyway i like my sexuality and i am happy it is this way even if people don't agree.

15.hugs or cuddles:

cuddles are just long hugs i think but i guess cuddle? it depends on the person of course but if it someone i am really close with cuddles are nice? idk.

16.ask me a question:

so here you go now you can ask me a question. if you read this far thank you for reading i appreaciate that alot so if you are curious and want to know something you can ask me anything you want (if i answer it is another question) but i'll do my best to answer.


anyway i hope everyone is having a wonderfull day further.

here is some (chill) music you might enjoy:

Jacob Tillberg - Ghosts


AJR - OVERTURE (Official Video)




Jakubi - Couch Potato


Neovaii - I Remember


Sub Urban - Cradles


Moe Shop - Owarini Liveshow Tokyo


The Neighbourhood - "Wires"



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