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Welcome to my little corner of the internet, you can call me Nyana and i am a tomboy or how i call it nonbinary. you will mostly find story's and handmade drawings of mine. i try to stay positive and bright up people's day. i hope you enjoy my content ^_^


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A New Project + Explanation

Posted by NyanaCreation - March 10th, 2018

Hey Guys

It has been a while from when i uploaded something. i thought it would be fair to explain some things about that because i don't find it honest to leave people in the dark especially the people who support me all the way. (one side note not related to this is that i am going to check out how i can upload better quility art photo's so they are more clear.) 

Anyway these last weeks has been a rolecoasterr for me be to be honest. a part of what i left behind with my old school came back to me last week. you probebly think ''okay? what is it?'' and thats the hard part. i have had depresion for a long while and i got better or atleast the last year i have been working on it so i would feel better and it worked but i also have depressing times. it is hard to explain. it just kicks in somethimes and that is the worst. i had this week. this week i have been feeling alot better. but that was a reason to stay away for a while. i needed to work on myself as wel as that i had worked from 2 pm to 2 am in the morning for like a whole week and that was reallu nice because i could be with family. (and i dont have that because i have really busy school days) the only thing was that i was exhasuted as well. this weekend is my first weekend where i can really relax for a while without school, friends or work and i am happy i can finally do that. 

So that where the reasons that i stayed awat for a bit. i am not sure when the next depressing period comes but i hope it gets better sooner than. i just want to upload a bit more again so i won't leave you guys alone. i cant promise anything because then i would be lying but i am going to try my best to give better quility art photo's as well that i want to start to a new project. 

So about the project: 

while i was alone i lissend to ASMR i know it sounds weird and it is :p anyway i needed someone to say to me that i was okay and i lissend to some anime friend ones. i felt a little bit alone at night when i didn't want to talk to people. and that helped me through some hard nights while having horrible thoughts. someone comforted me with sweet words and said it would be okay. and that is what i needed. and i wanted to do the same :p 

I don't want to start one of those weird ASMR's where they smack into the mic because i hate that. but one where you just normally can lissen to where when you need it someone comforts you. it will be nothing weird like eating a cucomber or something XD but i want that if people feel terrible and they need someone but have nobody to talk to they can lissen to that and they feel better. like there is someone who really cares about you. i was planning to call it Goodnight:(insurt name) and so you can choose. 

I am not planning to do the voice acting myself because i am not really comfortable with how i sound and who i am but i am planning to ask my friends for help (because they have some nice voices)  and of course what they say is what i have writen because of course it's my project :P but that was a project i was thinking about mabey it will happen mabey not but i hope it will ^^ 

anyway i hope that everyone has an awesome day/afternoon/night. 
and keep on a smile ^^ 






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I know the rest is awesome but Middle Finger is my new jam for the year...It came out of no where for me. I was like what is this and then it kept turning on the fire.

haha thats awesome to hear, i am glad i found your new jam for the year. the point is to let people enjoy the music i like as well so this makes me happy ^^ i am glad you like it.

OMG I have been jamming PMMFUP for five minutes and fell in love. GO NightCORE!!

i know it can be adictive somethimes :p (next time i post more songs mabey there will be another to your liking in it ^^ )

(great to hear you'll try and take better photos of your art, good luck with that! :) )

Thank you for telling us why you've been gone from NG for a while.
I'm sorry to hear it's because of such a bad thing :(
But I see what you mean.
Sometimes one needs to focus on oneself, and not others.

I had not heard of ASMR before you mentioned it here, so I searched on YouTube, and found calm videos designed to make a person relaxed. The goal of some videos are to make you sleepy, some want to entertain or teach you something, while others try to support you through saying kind words, sometimes while roleplaying or cosplaying and while in a non-threating scenario.
I definitely see why you found this pleasing ^^

And now you want to make your own ASMR using the voice of someone else! :D
It's admirable that you yourself want to create more of the thing you found soothing and helpful!
A beautiful mission! ^^
I'm sure you'll do a great job and write an impressive and useful script for whomever accepts your task or volunteers to help ;)

You sure have a lot going on there,I'm happy that you're better now, my friend.
Wow, I didn't even realise that ASMR was an actual trend that exists. It sounds rather unique and if you're really interested in it,I say GO FOR IT! Who knows,you may even not only enjoy it but it could also be a new hobby for you! It's like how I got into video editing in school,at first, it looked so complicated and I just went along with it,thinking that I would just dump it aside later on but in the end, I realised how useful it was and how much I enjoyed using it.If you want, I can show one of my little 'experiments' which I did while I was on an internship for the past few months(thus my late reply,sorry about that!). Again,if you have a little interest in something new,it wouldn't hurt to ask your friends first before deciding to go for it. And also don't worry about how it will all turn up, after all,everyone has to start from somewhere and if you enjoyed yourself while doing it,so isn't that what truly counts? You can do it,I believe in you and so do your loved ones!

And I hope it isn't too late to wish you a very belated Happy Valentine's and White(Asian version of Valentine's Day that falls a month after)!