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Welcome to my little corner of the internet, you can call me Nyan or Nyana and i am Non-Binary. you will mostly find story's and handmade drawings of mine. i try to stay positive and bright up people's day. i hope you enjoy my content ^_


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A Sad Goodbye (poem)

Posted by NyanaCreation - January 22nd, 2018

Hey Guys,

this is kinda a special poem i wrote to express my feelings about something and i wanted to share it. i hope you enjoy it. it is called: A Sad Goodbye.

Sad Goodbye:

the sun shines bright up in the sky.
you have been sitting next to me for months. 
we looked up at the sky with stars and clouds,
but eventually they faded away. 

the sun slowly goes down and it is almost time to leave.
we looked up at the birds in the sky that where dancing.
we saw the most beautiful sunsets and saw the worst storms. 
but soon it will be over.....

we sat under the sky and in the darkness we saw the most beautiful stars.
when it was noon we saw the sun and at night the moon. 

and now those times will not come for a long time.

we both stand up and look at each other.
we both know what we think. 
we hug and than hold hands and walk of the little mountain we sat on toghter. 

after we walk down we let go. 
we look at each other, hug again and walk away. 
i go east, and my old friend goes west. 
we have to say a sad goodbye...

my heart goes faster each step i go away, 
and tears role down my face.
i wonder if you have the same. 
thoughts that spin around in your mind. 

what if i made a mistake? 

what if i lost someone dear?

what if i never see them again?

when will i see them again? 

the tears from relieve, 
the tears from sadness, 
and the tears that had to say a sad goodbye. 
that will never be forgotten. 

my memories will always be close to my heart,
they will be locked up tight in a box.
a box of inportant memories. 
a box where i will keep your image alive. 
a box with a sad memorie.

but that sad memorie will help you grow,
and when we meet again at that little mountain,
where we can see stars, dancing birds and storms,
where we first met. 

i will cry from happiness,
but until then this will be our....

sad goodbye.






Comments (3)

Hey. Was wondering if you ever imagined this poem of yours sung (albeit with modifications)? I sing and write lyrics myself and what you've written here feels like a song already.

i never thought that this poem could be seen as a song but i do make up lyrics, i sing as well but am to shy to do it publicly. anyway i am suprised you think this is a song, i am suprised but kinda honored ^_^ i check you out and you made alot of music :p it shows your experienced so thanks? it's a huge compliment to hear that. but no i never thought of this as a song to be honest.

It was the emotion that flowed from it that made me sing it in my mind, actually. So props to you for that.

I guess, coming from me, it's the same kind of emotional contact that I want to share with others when I put up a song.

that means alot thanks for the compliment. i think because it was a true and honest feeling it gets better understand that if you just write a song text. i usually write with feeling and honesty so that is easy to do for me.

anyway thanks again.

Yes! Trosnyx is right, this poem is beautiful, and it looks like lyrics for an awesome song!

ahww thanks ^_^ i put my feelings in it so that someone thinks that helps to make someone think it is beautiful warms my heart so thaks.