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i don't even know if you're going to read this but i honestly hope you are slowely getting better. feeling lost is the worst feeling you can have and seeing your friends just doing everything and being happy is great but it sucks at the same time. going through that same shit and it is hard to bite through to be honest. i would love to give a solution but the only thing i can say if you ever want to talk don't be afraid to reach out.

life sucks and is beautiful at the same time and unfortunally this is what comes along although it would be great just to rip it out sometimes and to feel just happy but that's impossible. anyway i hope you're feeling better soon. and awesome job with the animation. you're doing awesome as always.

Not bad ^^ keep up and i am sure you become alot better with practise.

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Wow, this game has such a powerfull message. unfrotunally i know that feeling to well.
it's a beautiful way to show how it can be to lose someone, like your lonely, your willing to give up your life, to see how your slowely breaking apart, how you can't put on a mask for all the pain you have as well as how they let you asume that pills and injections make everything better. it's sad that some people give up and how they can't live on because of the pain and loneliness and that hurts me alot. it's hard to admit but i have that somethimes to and in the past that was way worse. i have done somethings to myself i am not proud of and how the game captures a small image of that is incredible and really hard to do.

I hope you make more of these games because you can really share it in an amazing way even though it has a sad message. your really inspiring to me so keep up the awesome work and i hope you will make more games in the future ^^

Thanks for reading this if you did because it's a bit long ^^

Beautiful Story.
you all did an amezing job.

it's an very funny story. i enjoyed playng it
great job,

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the melody sounds good and i like it the only thing thay caught me of guard is 1:45 because the beat gets just throw in there with the base mabey you can find a way where it's a small bit introduced instead of throwing it in there, like the later part with it though keep it up. your improving what is good.

Natcl23 responds:

You should check out my last one, I just posted it, maybe it’s better

i sometimes skipped over a couple things like sallet fingers because i personally haven't had the time to watch it but i still really like the things i have heard. i found it funny that there where silent pauses with the penis things because i would have jumped right in with jokes (because i am that kind of person XD ) but it's still fun to hear. anyway good job you two and also @PoliWall. again i could enjoy it from what i have heard.

that's pretty good. i like it i'll send you a PM with some questions but i am sure that if people here you more they will deventually take you on the offer ^^ anyway good job and keep it up.

UltimaBurnie responds:

Thank you! Much appreciated!

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This looks beautiful
just one thing if you paint this with a mouse i have talked to proffecional game artists and they recommend not doing that. if you do it to often you can damage your wrist (and i don't wish that on you) so keep that in mind. one had to do suggerie because she did that to often further you are still really talanted ^^ awesome job.

MLeth responds:

I use the mouse to paint only when I'm at work during down-time where I have no tablets and my wrist is pretty damaged already so why not go all the way y'know :'D

This is beautiful ^^

DrakoCreator responds:


and it looks really awesome as well ^^

welcome to my little corner of the internet,my name is Nyan or Nyana and i am a non-binary bean who mostly makes
art, stories and audio. my goal is to make your day a bit brighter with the content that i make. i hope we can have some good times toghter.

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