Better and writing again,

2017-10-22 16:56:52 by NyanaCreation

Hey guy's 

so it took some time but i am feeling alot better than before this. today i desided to write some more of the story and try to make the next part as well. for the onces that are hoping i will write it right now you will have to wait a little. i am going to put the whole story in a Word document and try to save it. as well as read it again so i will not forget the inportant details i might put in there. i am going to do my best to post the next part of New Friends <3 in the next couple days so you all can enjoy the new parts i write for this exciting story as well as i missed writing alot so i am going to start again ^_^ 

okay wish me luck with writing (sorry for this short update i litterly never do that, pretty weird) but i am going to write now hope you'll enjoy the next part when it comes out and if you have any ideas for the story don't be shy and tell me i would love to hear them ^_^ 

okay everyone have a wonderfull day and enjoy this relaxed music :D


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2017-10-22 17:02:52

good luck with writing!

NyanaCreation responds:

thank you ^_^ i will do my best to make an awesome story out of it (i have read over half off the story so i will be writing soon :D )


2017-10-23 07:58:53

Splendid, great news, Nyana! ^^
Good luck! :D
I have many questions about many of the characters, what they will say, do, how the others will react. I'm really excited to see the next chapter :)

NyanaCreation responds:

yah it is awesome news for me atleast ^_^ and thanks.
and if you have quistions you can always ask me i could answer the inocent onces that will not give to much away from the story itself but i am so happy your excited for the next part ^_^


2017-10-23 10:52:10

I'm really happy that you are better! I wish you the best with writing! I'll go ahead and listen to this great music! Thank you!

NyanaCreation responds:

i am done with half of checking everything and reading all of it and probebly be writing the next part today or for late tomorrow. and your welcome hope you enjoy the music ^_^


2017-10-23 11:53:14


NyanaCreation responds:

(fistspumps back)


2017-11-17 23:10:02

Hi Nyana! :D I've dissapeared of newgrounds for a long time, but i'm back!! I was able to read part 2 and 3 from the halloween story too! :D I love them, and I loved that you used names for the characters from the "new friends" story, it helps a lot to remember them faster while i was reading (and creates a bond with the characters too)

How did it go in the contest? I didn't want to check further in the contest's thread to keep the mistery XD

I'm going to check your new posts too, I'm happy to read you again :D

NyanaCreation responds:

i am glad to see your back (i notised that you where gone for a little bit) and i am so happy and suprised that you read all that (because it is alot :p ) glad you liked it though.

the results of the contest will be out soon (asked about that as well) but TomFulp said they are working on it so they will probebly be here soon i am really curious about it as well ^_^

awesome that makes me happy :D i hope you enjoy them as well ^_^
and i am happy to read you again as welll ^_^