My entery for the story writing contest on NG ^_^

2017-09-08 11:35:26 by NyanaCreation

Hey Guy's 

So a bit of the topic but i entered the story writing contest on NG. i thought because i wrote already alot i could enter for the contest to show my skills and just have alot of fun ^_^ i wrote alot and it's probebly just the first part of the story. i just really wanted to share this. in my next post i will continue with my story of ''New Friends <3'' because i really enjoy writing that. just enjoy this little side story and next time i'll continue the other story. 

i hope you all like it ^_^


My Helloween Contest story:


His arms are tied, his feet are tied. his eyes are twitching like he has a terrible nightmare right now. i put my hand slowly on his head. he is not awake right now but that will come soon. i smile because the thoughts going trough my head are so awefull it makes my skin crawl. i turn his head slightly to the right and see how his beautiful face glows in the light. i put a nail on his cheek and slowly scratch my nail down to his chin.

i let his head go and he goes into a sleeping position on the chair. of course he is stuck so he looks a bit goofy like if your sleeping in a car without leaning against something. i turn around and see the washing machine, of course i wouldn't use it for that but for something else. of course i leave it alone and walk to a small table that is near the wall. there is a silver plate on the table. most people could use it for cookies or put a vace on it or something but me i use it for something much more interesting. there are all kind of sharp objects on the table. i grab a little knife and play with it in my hand while walking up to the guy. I’m so curious how my new toys will work on my players.

‘'sweetheart wake up, it's time to play' i hide the knife behind my back and try to wake the guy up. He doesn’t wake up, he is probebly in a deepsleeper but with bit of pushing him around i find a way to wake him up. i grab a cup of a special drink i made for him. the smell is so strong and disgusting i can not even hold it close but if this is the only way it has to happen it has to be done. i slowly put the cup underneath his nose of the guy and after a couple seconds later he almost jumps out of his seat. luckly i tied him down so the only thing that happens is that he falls over. i giggle a bit and put his chair back in the position it was standing in.

'haha welcome back' the guy looks confused like he doesn't know what happend before. he looks around the room but there is not alot to see. the only thing he could see was the washing machine, a little table with my new favorite toys and in the middle of the room a table with 4 chairs around it. 'w...w...whe...where am i?' he almost can't speak because he is in shock but i love to answer it. 'aahhww you don't remember? what a pity, you made a promise remember. just like the other two' he looks confused and tries to look around if he can see if there are any other people. 'hahaha aaahww nonono they are not here they are upstairs sleeping, unfortuanally i couldn't bring them downstairs with you strugeling. You really where a fighter but you know you couldn’t win from me. there is alot more than just my pretty face, the first hour i could take you but you got annoying  so i gave you some sleeping pills, and they worked well' he looks at me like i'm a ghost and did somthing horrible.


'why do you look so scared and angry i didn't do anything wrong you know, but in the next hour you will i'm sure' his eyes widen because he hears the most terrifying voice in his life. 'come come i'll set you down at the table and you can choose even witch side you can sit on' i smile at him and he still  doesn't react on what i'm saying. 'hmm.... your not really a talker, that suprises me for how you treated the girls around the school... i gues some situations just make you weak right? hahaha aaahww poor you if you kept your promise this would have never happend' he looks at me confused like i said some riddle but i igore it and drag his chair to the table. i kick one chair away so i can put his chair in his place. 'you know i have to get the other two now okay? i expect you to stay right here and not move, do you understand?' he nods and i am glad he does. 'good you wouldn't want me to play with you first right? i would love to test some new sharp toys i got but it would be such a waste'

i pull a little staircase from the wall and walk upstairs. the guy seems like a f*ckboy but you will never know how he will do with gambeling. he loves to keep people under control but can he save his life with that or not. we will see. finally i come upstairs and walk towards the kitchen where a guy and a girl lay on the ground. i pull the guy over my shoulder and hold the girl in my arms. they are both very light what i didn't expect that but, it's a pleasant suprise. they came to visit an hour ago and they where the perfect mach to join my game so i gave them something to drink with the sleeping pill in it. the pill worked really fast and i could get myself prepaired, after all i'm the card master.

I drag the two down stairs and tie them both down to a chair. i walk around again to find the drink who woke up the first one. it wasn't long until both of them woke up, they where just as confused as the first one was but this time the girl started screaming. she was yough but she couldn't keep still so i needed to take some measures. i grabbed a peace of clothl and walked behind her chair.

i took the peace of cloth and tied her mouth shut. of course she tried to scream but it wasn't effective. 'you know little girl we are going to play a game. i'm sure you like games right?' she nods her head. 'hmm... i'm suprised. why are you screaming than? the walls are sound proof so nobody can hear you, so stop screaming!! or your the first one to lose some limbs okay' the girl imeaditly is quite and nods she didn't want that.


i walk back and look at the table all three are there and all my things are set up. now we can start the game. i'm so excited. 'welcome all of you, you probebly wonder why your here right? i can explain hihi. you made a promise somewhere with me and you broke it after getting 3 chances. you agreed you would play a deadly mach if you would break the promise and here we are. of course you don't remember how you got here and what your promise was but you'll get to know when your last letter dissapears'’ they all look shocked like i'm some crazy ring master but of course i'm not. i'm nuts but not crazy those are not the same thing right? hmm... doesn't matter. they did somthing and they agreed it's there fault that they ended up here.

i walk around the table and stop by one of the guys. ''hihihi your a pretty boy but will that save you?'' i start petting his head like he is a dog or car i own. ''so here are the rules, it's a simple game that a friend told me of. so here are the rules:’’

‘’the master will lay down 5 cards. On those cards are 5 symbols. A heart, cross, triangel, cirkel and one line. The master so me can lay the cards down in any order they want. I will lay the cards face down so you can’t see what order i placed them in. after i layed the cards down, you all choose your order to place the same cards in. you also will face them down. If everyone is done placing the cards face down i will first turn the cards upwards so you can see what order i put the cards in. i hope for you all that you will have the same order as me. if you have the most cards correct you win and if you have have less cards right than everyone else you lose and gain a letter of the word LOSER. This is the fun part though. If you gain a letter the winner will deside what part of you will be cut off. And the game ends when someone gets the full word LOSER. If that happends the two survivers deside how the loser will end up dead. It’s an easy and fun game to play don’t you think hihihi’’

All of there faces look terrified. Haha it’s so fun to see that face but it will be even more fun when the game starts so we have to start soon. I walk around and one by one i release a hand and put them to a chain. They are still stuck but now atleast they can place there cards and turn them if needed.

‘’good luck you will need it. i hope we have a wonderfull game but to find out we have to start playing hahaha’’ i give them all there 5 cards and now we can start. ‘’let the game begin’’


(i hope you all enjoyed that ^_^ here is some music to lissen to)



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2017-09-08 11:53:38

Yay! ^^
It's damn scary!
Good luck!

NyanaCreation responds:

Thank you so much ^_^


2017-09-08 14:06:41

Nice one. The beggining was bit hard for me to understand. It was really misterious but in the middle when you started to describe what happens and something about enviroment you made a lovely ambience which I totaly love ^_^. I think that the "sadist's" personality fits perfectly into that story. A bit funny but still creepy. And the gambling game... It's so easy and I think thats good. Idea with gambling makes story more interesting and you don't have to focus too much at the game rules in future.

I'm waiting for 2 part ^_^ and next "New friend" ;)

NyanaCreation responds:

I'm so happy to hear that (sorry for not being to clear in the beginning) but i'm so happy you like it ^_^ and i really love the gambeling aspect to it and sorry for the rules but they got to be explained to the players and the readers themself so this was the shortest i could hold it. but i'm so glad you like it :D

and i'll probebly be writing that soon ^_^


2017-09-11 11:14:53

All the best,my friend!

NyanaCreation responds:

Thank you ^_^


2017-09-20 04:55:03

Yaaay you made a new post! :D, I'm happy to read it!

Omg the halloween story is great!

Everything starts with a lot of mistery, what promise did they break? what happened before they took the sleeping pills? what is the relation between the card master and the three people :O

It develops into such a terrifyng moment, one is going to die, they're gonna lose limbs, the situation looks very well planned. Great job!

how is the writing contest going? is it still going? I wish you the best in case it's still going! :D and if it ended, how did it go?? :D

NyanaCreation responds:

That makes me so happy. i'm glad it's a good story i worked a couple hours on the first 2 parts. (or on newgrounds the 3 parts) it took some time ^_^ anyway yah the contest is still going on 31 Oct it will tell us the places we went in. i posted there my next parts that i didn't post here so if you would like to read that you can find them here:

(you need to scroll down some time to see my text two parts, and mabey you see some other awesome stories of people ;) anyway thank you so much for supporting me ^_^)