New Friends <3 (part 3)

2017-08-21 18:22:32 by NyanaCreation

Hey Guys, 

So i desided to make another part of the story because i have some time left in the day. and since i got some positive feedback and compliments from people i know i wanted to continues, btw i want to thank a couple people because they have been a big help the last months. so here we go thanks to: 

@EvanScale : Thank you for helping me with my art. you give me really helpfull tips as well as motivation to keep going with my art and  that means alot to me. your an inspiration to me to keep going with my art and keep doing what i love. so thank you again for that. 

@Jabicho : Thank you for giving awesomly piano music that some of the days just brings me out of the worst mood. and also thank you for giving positive feedback down in the comments. it gives me hope to continue writing and of course thanks for the little talks we had somthimes ^_^

@JamesHatfeld : Thank you for staying by my side for all this time. after a while of talking we became better friends. even though somthimes it goes wrong and we have a little argument (like normal people have somthimes) you stick by my side and support me through hard and easy times. you keep me motivated for most things and even offers to help if needed and give awesome advice. just thank you for being my friend for so long ^_^

@JohnEarthBreathGames : Thank you for being there whenever you where there. we had some times but we are still friends. mabey i don't talk to you alot anymore but with you i was busy with a game for the first time and that changed alot so thank you for the good times. 

@MassGas : And thank you for being there. i don't know you for very long but the talks we have are awesome and i enjoy them so much. i love the goofy stuff we talk about and just you being around. i hope i'll get to know you more in the future ^_^

anyway Thank you all and all my fans who have sticked with me until now. you all are so amezing and i appreaciate all of you being here. it means the world to me that i have come so far and that is mindblowing. so thank all of the people who believe in me and have supported me until now ^_^

anyway i'm going to further and i'm done with the sappy stuff :P so i'll continue the story some of you have been waiting for to read. so here we go. 
Last time: 

after a couple minutes of cuddeling i hear Sara. ''LYLIAN!!! why did you have to blow up my ears?!?!?''  i see Lylian rushing over to the phone. ''sorry Sara, i just saw Sam in her outfit for the first time it's unbelievible, you should hurry up'' i hear Sara giggling and she responds ''okay i'll hang up the phone i'm with two minutes by your house okay?'' i smile and walk over to Lylian and hug her from behind. ''okay we'll see you than Sara'' i say and Lylian hangs up the phone. she turns around and i see the sparks in her eyes. ''you look handsome'' we jump on the bed and enjoy our last minute alone with music. 

after 5 minutes we hear the door bell ring. Lylian jumps of the bed and sais you wait here okay i want to suprise her. i nod and say: ''okay go hurry up and get her'' she smiles and hurries out the door. she almost slams the door shut and i lay on the bed for a couple more minutes. i hear Sara down stairs chatting with Lylian eventually i hear Lylian say: ''close your eyes okay i'm going to lead you upstairs'' and i hear Sara responding : ''are you crazy?! first you blow up my ears drums and now you want to lead me up stairs?'' i hear Lylian laugh ''just trust me okay'' i hear them both walk up the stairs and Lylian knocks on the door so i know she is there with Sara. ''okay Sara i'm going to open the door aand i'm going to count to 0 and you can open your eyes'' i step off the bed and walk to the mirror and ajust my hair and walk to the center of the room so Sara can see me clearly. i look at Lylian and give her the thumbs up. ''okay here we go...3....2....5....4...3...'' i see Sara give Lylian a soft smack on her arm ''don't tease me i want to see her she laughes'' Lylian laughs as well and continues ''okay sorry i wanted to tease you, okay here we go again'' she stickes out her to me and again she goes on ''3...2...1...0 you can look''' Sara opens her eyes. first it takes a bit of time to ajust to the bright light but when she sees me she is so suprised she freezes for a bit. after a minutes she screams just like Lylian did. she runs at me and gives me hug ''omg you look just like one of my normal guy friends and your hot'' she smiles at me and we laugh. ''i  don't even think they will reconize me'' i laugh. ''we need to see if that is true but we need to go to them now we are already a bit late and they are waiting at them mall'' me and Lylian nod, and we head out the door. this will be a new and nerv wrecking experience, but here we go.

And now it continues: 

Me and Lylian walk next to each other while Sara leads the way. me and lylian don't go to the mall very often because we don't need anything from there so we had no idea where we where going. we just trusted Sara to lead us into the right direction. although that worried me most of my thoughts went to my wig and how i looked. the thoughts spooked through my head i wasn't good enough as a boy and would never pass. of course i shouldn't worry me but it botherd me alot. eventually i felt a warm hand on my own hand. it was Lylian. she looked at me and i knew she knew i was worried about how i looked. she gave me a reasuring push and wispered to me: ''you look great don't worry to much what other people think about you okay. if your happy that is all what matters okay'' i sighed and shaked my head that i understood her.  

After a couple minutes we finally see them mall. Sara started to walk even faster than before. she really wanted to go to her friends. it's weird because she never acted like that around us. i shacked the thouhts off and me and Lylian speeded up our steps so we could keep up with her. we entered the mall and a little further we saw a couple guys waving at us and suddenly Sara started running. me and Lylian looked at each other confused because this was not Sara. at the most she would walk fast but, she hated running and never ever wanted to try to run to us if we wanted to do somthing. 

Me and Lylian started to follow her with a slight run. eventually we got to the group of boys and Sara. ''why did you run off like that'' Lylian almost exploded but she keped it because she knew she couldn't get mad about it. Sara looked at her like she had seen a ghost and turned her back to her and ignoring the quistion. ''so guys this is Sam and Lylian'' said Sara while grabbing a boys arm. i was so confused this wasn't Sara at all. most of the time she wasn't hanging on boys or even trying to seem cool but this was not Sara. she was trying to get attention from the boys while flirting with one of the group. me and Lylian saw this wasn't good at all but we ignored it and said hi to most of the guys. 

One of the guys really stood out of the others. he had white short/long hair, with a cute blue/gray hoodie with little cat ears. it was kinda adorable to look at him. he seemed like the guy who was caring but only said somthing to really good friends. i wonder what brought him here. suddenly a guy swings his arm around my shoulder like guys do. ''hey little one my name is Alex, i'm a friend of that shy basterd over there. i see you have been staring at him for a little while'' i was a bit shocked he was so open and comfortable with a stranger, and he saw me staring at his friend how embarressing but i liked that he was open and not to akward about it eventually continued. ''if you want i can introduce you to Aaron if you want of course, we will be hanging around here for a little while before going to get games'' hmm... i thought we would go straight to the buy games but this didn't bother me. it can take a little longer and it could be boring but i could meet someone new as well. ''hey Alex, my name is...'' Alex interupted me: ''your Sam, i know that cuty over there told me'' he pointed at Sara that was hanging over another guy. ''ah you mean Sara'' Alex shaked his head and continued his sentance ''so you want to meet Aaron. it is time for him to make a new friend as well so this wouldn't hurt'' i smile at Alex and say: ''yah that sounds great. he seems like a nice enough guy'' Alex still had his arm around me and walked to Aaron. Alex was way bigger than i was but he was nice. he had a nice energy around him. he was very spontanious and energetic. but for the most part he was friendly and very honest. i think he would become a great friend. ''so do you mind me asking somthing?'' i asked while looking at Alex, he looked at me and smiled ''yah sure, what do you want to know little one?'' i smiled back at him. ''so this is like the first time i met some new people and been in the mall as well....i wonder if you would like to be my friend and hang around somthimes with me, Lylian and Aaron?'' Alex laughed and gave me the biggest smile ever. ''of course i wouldn't mind, do you want me to give you my phone number and i get yours?'' i shaked my head and so before we had spoken to Aaron i had a new friend in my phone. 

We walked over to Aaron, he looked a bit weirded out because Alex brought someone to him. of course i was shy as well and i had no idea what to do but, i should give it a try. it had been years for me, having a new friend was new to me. it was hard to make new friends but this is my first try. ''yoooo Aaron, you haven't met Sam yet one of the new guys around here'' Aaron looked up at me and exzamend my face and instanlly looked happier. ''Hey i'm Aaron'' he said with a little smile. ''okay Aaron try to make a new friend okay he is pretty cool'' Aaron waved Alex away and before Alex left he wisperd in my ear ''i know you where staring at him. mabey you like him mabey not but he likes guys so you have a shot and your pretty cute for a guy as well so good luck'' before i could say anything Alex walked towards the other group with 4 guys, Sara and Lylian. they where happily chatted over there while me and Aaron where sitting a little farther from the group. ''So your one of the new guys'' i shaked my head that i was. ''you know you should stay away from Sara'' i looked suprised because this was one of  the things i didn't expect him to say. ''what do you mean?'' Aaron sight. ''mabey she is not like that around you and your friend over there but, Sara is not as good as she seems'' i wondered what he meant so i asked further ''what has she done that is that bad?'' Aaron sat a little closer to me than a second ago. ''okay this is between you and me okay?'' ''okay i'll keep this to myself'' Aaron took a deep breath ''so Sara isn't the goody two shoes, most of the time she hangs out with the guys over there. she tries to get into there pants and tries to rob them from there money so she can have what she wanted. i warned Alex about that and since a while he has been trying to stay away from her. have you mabey seen some weird stuff around her?'' now that he tells me about that i started to see that it was true. she always got stuff out of nowhere. i always asked where she got it but she said it where gifts from her rich dad. of course it where very expencive things like new clothes, necklases and more but after a while i gave up asking where the things came from. ''now that you tell me about it yes, she always had stuff from her ''dad'' but i doubt that is true, but why do you tell me about this?'' Aaron smiled at me ''look you seem like a great person to be around and she likes guys like you, i don't want someone like you getting hurt from a friend like that'' ah that explains it. ''i guess thank you for that. do you mind me telling Lylian at the end of the day?'' he looked at me weird like he didn't know her. ''the new girl a friend i came with other than Sara'' Aarons face went from confused to understaning and that was nice. ''yah you should tell her that as well, she should know anyway you seem cool but, anyway what about you and me go get some games for ourself when they go to the store?'' Aaron gave me a smal cute smile and it mellted my hear. i smiled back at him and answered ''yah seems great'' we became silent for a little while and than i had the courage to ask him: ''he would you mind giving each other our phone numbers?'' he smiled back and said: ''yah awesome, it would be cool to chat with you and getting to know you better'' after a minute with giving him my phone number and he giving me his we where done and continued talking. 

After 15 minutes the group screamed at us they where going to get games and so me and Aaron went after them to go try out some games and of course get some ourself.

To Be Continued:


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2017-08-22 03:57:58

It is not without reason I am still by your side, N, and will continue to stay there until it is impossible for us: you are an amazing individual, giving advice about pretty much everything, as well as asking for advice, showing that you are willing to accept help and tips, which is a good sign. You are also a developing artist and writer, and I want to see you get better. You are also amazing at understanding and compassion, and that makes you one of the best friends I have :)

Sometimes we argue, true, but it is difficult not to, when we talk about the complicated and faceted things we do ;)
But we learn more about each other in the process, and our bond is made stronger, because we are able to try and fix the dents those times made, together!
Neither of us want to abandon the other, because each of us know that we have much good and support to give the other.
You are also amazing at understanding and compassion, and that makes you one of the best friends I have. Thank *you* ^^

Now *I'm* done with the sappy stuff :P , so now my thoughts about part 3 of your interesting story:
-Your grammar has improved greatly over time :D
There are still a few errors, but they are basic, and doesn't ruin much ;)

-You still need more paragraphs :P ...the first part of the continued story was divided nicely, but then there were 2 "walls of text". I know you would like to keep conversations together, but between the talking there were impressions or actions seen or made by Sam. It would be less tiring for the eyes if there was paragraphs in between those ;)

-About the content: Marvelous! We see into the mind of Sam, who is nervous and on "new ground" with her new appearance, and worried what guys will think of her, and if they accept the "illusion" of her binder, wig and clothes. The actions and mentality of the guys are believable, and THEN we hear the horrible truth about Sara!! (unless Aaron is an evil manipulator that want to pit Sara's friends up against each other (which I think is unlikely :P )

I look forward to see what games Sam and Aaron will try out, and what they will buy!
(maybe Aaron will be sweet and buy Sam an awesome game she would like, but can't afford? ;) )
I also look forward to hear what Lylian will think and say about Sara's... "actions". And if they confront Sara about it.

Good luck in writing part 4, N!


2017-08-26 01:34:01

Must say I'm surprised to be on the list. I am, yet at the same time I'm not. Regardless I'm thankful of it. Glad to see you're still active on Newgrounds. I'm not active and probably never will be again, but hey there's always a possibility. Thanks for what you did when we were great friends.

NyanaCreation responds:

You still where a great friend to me. even though we're now still friends i miss those times but i'm gratefull that you still where a part of my life. we don't talk alot anymore but everything still ment somthing to me and even though your not on NG as much you still desereve to know ;) i hope you have a good day and everything will be okay in the future ^_^


2017-08-27 16:55:38

I'm so happy you mentioned me! :D, Thanks so much for supporting me with my music, and thanks for our talks too, it's great talking to you, and remember you can always count on me for anything :)

Omg that unexpected change of behaviour from Sara! could it be true about the stolen things? or Aaron said something false? the plot thickens XD

Alex sounds pretty cool, it's great to know he became friends with Sam so fast. Was Sam caught off guard after what Alex said while leaving? XD

I love this part too, and you know I love your writing style, it's so easy to imagine all the scenario, people, feelings, etc. :D

NyanaCreation responds:

Don't be suprised ;) your a good person so you where worth menchaning ^_^
but no problem i like your music so no reason not to support you ;) and thank you as well :D

IT'S A MYSTERY ^_^ who knows what happends. it will all be a suprise.

And Sam was a bit shocked about what Alex said to her but she sees it as teasing but at the same time she is a bit shy but it will be suprise what happends what happends betweenAaron and Sam ^_^

Thank you <3