Once opon a time... (Part 2)

2017-05-06 20:01:57 by NyanaCreation

Last time:

i learned from my mother how to transform into an animal and changed into a smal white fox and ran through the forest to a little lake deep into the forest. i loved to just sit there and watch the suroundings before starting the hunt. there was a big waterfall that ended there and the birds always where singing beautiful songs of joy. but today wasn't a normal day. i wasn't alone. there was man same age as me bathing in my lake. i looked around for somthing to destract him and to find out who he was and i finally after a couple minutes scanning the grass i saw his clothes. i sneaked over to them and hid them into a bush. i searched his stuff and nothing. there was nothing. 

before i could sneak off he looked my way. i saw his beautiful blue eyes scan the trees but luckly i was hiden. he had long blond hair in a pony tail and a strong body. i couldn't look away because with every move it could be a threatening move, eventually he saw his clothes where missing. he walked out of the lake and started searching. i grabbed his sweater and runned a couple meters from where his clothes where and walked out. when he finally spotted me i couldn't believe his reaction... 

And now it continues: 

i slowely tried to get in a running posision if he tried to attack me like most people did in the woods but, he didn't. he transformed. I couldn't believe my eyes. the weirdest part was that he wasn't a part of a tribe i ever had seen or heard off. he changed in a little wolf, he probebly couldn't transform in an adult wolf because he was the same age as me. he walked slowely towords me and walked around me while sniffing me.i gently layed his shirt on the grass. he was behind me still looking for clues for who i was eventually he stopped and his eyes started to twinkle. 

He gave a little cute bark and it mettelted my heart. i turned around and saw him stand in a playing position and i knew what he wanted to do. i took a couple steps back and took a running start. eventually i ended up play fighting in the grass with him. the sun was shinning trough the trees on the part where we where playing. his gray/white fur was so soft and his blue eyes where the same but now happy and not so serious as when he was taking a bath in the lake when i saw him for the first time. we went on and on with play fighting. eventually i couldn't keep on my fox form and transformed into my usual self. i had the biggest smile on my face and i started laughing. 

short after i transformed the little wolf jumped on top om my chest and looked at my face to see how i looked. and than poof just like me he transformed back into his human form. now i was laying on the grass with a blonfd guy sitting on top of me while i'm still laughing. i didn't care anymore. when i opened my eyes after he transformed back i was greated by the blue eyes again and the biggest and most beautiful smile i have ever seen. 

His eyes where still twinkling and the sun was going trough his hair and it looked like his hair was made from pure gold. the trees who formed a perfect circle around the lake i saw above his head and it was for the first time in a long time i felt so happy with someone. 

after staring at him for a little while now he said: i know you're the one who stole my clothes, i would love to have them back. ' haha your right about that one they are in that bush over there sorry for stealing them, i just wanted to find out who you where. your new here' he rolled of me and stood up. he turned around and walked to the bush i pointed at. 'so what's your name?' he looked at me with a smile while he surched the bushes. 'you can call me Aaron. what about you? what's your name?' he finally picks up his clothes and walks back to me.

will be continued...



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2017-05-06 20:12:18

I don't what gave you the idea for your stories but wow,that's really something!Why not try putting in pictures to go with your stories?It gives readers an idea of how you imagine the story and characters to be.

NyanaCreation responds:

i'm so happy you like them and yah that's a good idea mabey i'll put up pictures (mabey i can make drawings for them ^_^ ) thank you so much for the idea ^_^


2017-05-06 21:44:00

Ah,you don't have to thank me for that,my friend!

NyanaCreation responds:

Somthimes you deserve to hear a thank you friend ^_^


2017-05-29 02:46:58

Omg Why didn't newgrounds update me about this new post! D:
Anyway XD, it's lovely, this part is super happy and peaceful, and full of soothing emotions, i love the playing part and the stares too, I still love the scenario I imagine while reading you, you're so talented :)

NyanaCreation responds:

i'm so happy i can drag you along to a new world and let you experience all kinds of things with just the words i write ^_^ (and it's not a problem you saw it late it can happen) but anyway i'm really happy you like it thank you so much ^_^


2017-05-29 03:11:32

Also, yay for the youtube link, we share the same taste for music :D, and can't wait for the new part of your story :D

(Updated ) NyanaCreation responds:

I'm happy to hear that. i try to find music that fits the mood of the story most of the time and music i enjoy to lissen as well. ^_^ (and i hope i can write a new part soon) also it's music from one of my favorite anime's so it deserves to be heard as well.