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2017-03-20 18:18:29 by NyanaCreation

Hey Guy's 

so some news i'm planning to enter the new art contest for 26th of march. it hase to be art that combine Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings. i saw this and my eye was drawn to it pretty fast so i planned to enter. i'm not doing to win but just so i can have fun. i love working on the peace of art that i have now and i almost got it finished so that peace i will post very soon. even if i'm mabey late for the compatition (that can happen) i will still post it. i hope you Guy's will also like it. (mabey i'll get a change to get scouted to but if not that is totally fine as well) just wish me luck for now i guess ^_^ i hope i'll give the person who is searching for these peaces of art somthing to remember (otherwise i hope he/she sees alot of other awesome peaces because there are alot of awesome artists who are wayyyyyyyy better than what i can do right now) so good luck to everyone who is entering as well ^_^ 

anyway i wanted to write something because i was inspired because of one person who wrote a looooooong page with such an inspiring story that i wanted to write again as well. so i hope you'll enjoy ^_^

I see him walking up the hill. the same hill that we had our first date on, the hill full of the most beautiful flowers but now.. now it's the hill of sorrow. the air always smelled like fresh cut grass and flowers and it still smells like that but instead of a nice feeling the hill was coverd in a confusing aura. like you can't breathe and you don't want a take a step forward because it could go wrong any second. i see a little bee flying by. his little wings carry him trough the waves of air to any place he wants. i wish i could do that. just get carried away by the wind. no tension, no feeling and no problems. i look over my shoulder and see nobody. the only thing i see are the trees who are the most beautiful color of green i have ever seen and the little pound that's shinning in the sun and the most beautiful tree next to it. i look back at him at the top of the hill. he is an inportant part of my life or he was. we just had a big fight right here. the weird thing is i don't feel anything. nothing. it's weird but i'm still feeling a tear going down my cheek. i brush it away with my hand and walk up the hill after him. he is sitting next to a tree. i breathe in and out and after a big discusion in my head i sit down next to him. we begin to talk again. i apologize he does the same thing but we are not toghter anymore. i feel myself drifting away from him. and again we start to argue again. he wants to go somewhere while he said to stay here but he doesn't want to stay. again this is happening to me and i tell him how i feel about it. it's not somthing big but it's a spark that he needed to argue again with me. i'm done and i said goodbye and walk down the hill. i hear him screaming in anger that i'm running away. i know he is crying although he never admits it. i walk and walk while his screaming eventually stops. i think to myself: did i make the right choice? it doesn't matter anymore. i know he blocked me out of his life already but i can't be a friend with someone who thinks that everyone who's against him is retarted or stupid. it doesn't work that way. after a couple minutes i see a bench and i deside to take a seat. i take my head phones out and blast the music in my ears. my only escape from this world. where everything is made of music and everyone is happy. while my music in my ears goes on i look around i see the hill where i was and see him still sitting there. or atleast he is there but it looks like he is throuwing stuff. he is clearly mad or upset once in a while i hear him screaming somthing really depressing but i just put my headphones deeper into my ears. i look around again and see the trees, the  grass, i see the birds fly by and i see some ants walking around infront of my foot. i laugh to myself, there world is so big but so small on the same time. again i look around a little black cat with green eyes walkes towards me. i pet it and it jumps next to me on the bench. i pet it more while the little cat is on my lap now puring. i close my eyes and lissen to my music while i deside to stop worrying about him and just relax. i just wish i could say one thing to that person if i see him again and that's : i'm sorry i never meant to hurt you but it's time to move on for me. i can't stay anymore. i just want you to know you where an inportant part in my life but for now goodbye. that's the only thing i would want to say. but for now i will think about me and my friends and not somthing else. 

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2017-03-20 18:27:29

You never knew about @Jazza 's art contest before?

NyanaCreation responds:

Nope i never really knew before a couple day's ago. but i wanted to try somthing new ^_^ but now i know


2017-03-22 02:13:55

I was notified of your existence by your comment on Joverseer916's recent news post. He's a buddy of mine, and we've praised eachother's art for some time, ever since I got on here and discovered the Overseer animations. Anyway:

I enjoyed your short story about the couple in pain. It has both abstract and physical depictions, which are not always easy to put into a coherent text. But you did so quite well.
But what the text need, in my humble opinion, are paragraphs.

My eyes were strained after reading the whoe thing, and when I looked to the side, I had an optical illusion where horizontal grey lines was in my field of view :O
With paragraphs, this is avoided.
Spelling could be better, but I get the feeling that either:
English is not your mother tongue, or you are of younger age, and the texts are rushed, which I suspect the most, since the grammar itself was flawless.

Checked out your sketches as well. Not bad! Some colors would lift them up, and give them more life. Also, you may want to get a hold of a scanner. Scanning the pic/sketches will render them in much higher quality. I'll do so with my old sketches soon, which you can find on my profile.

Until our next encounter!
With the very best of regards,
JamesHatfeld :)

NyanaCreation responds:

Hey James,

Thank you soooo much for notesing me (i honestly didn't think that that would happen)
but anyway,

i'm happy you enjoyed my story i write for a while now and i am pracatsing in that kind of style of writing most of the time. i knew i should put in paragrahps but i didn't know where to put them at that time so i desided i didn't put them in but i understand very well what you mean.

sorry for that should think again if i put them in and for the spelling yep english is absolutly not my mother tongue (i speak it for 2 years or 3 so not to long) but i try my best (and no i'm not a very young age but i'm not super old as well)

but anyway, i'm happy you liked my drawings. and for the colors i'm very busy with that. i'm learning how to put shadows in my drawings now and later on want to learn how i can make the most use of colors because i'm not very good at it now. but for now i'm holding it on old fashion drawing. but i'm happy you liked it.

And yes mabey until our Next encounter,
~N (MinecraftGirl2)