Hopefully done

2017-03-16 10:55:45 by NyanaCreation

Hey Guy's 

so i'm finally done with some loooooooong ass day's for work. i had to work for a school for a week so i could build up work experience and know how it is to have a job like that. and it was okay. i was so exhausted every time i came back home (you can't imagen how exhausting it is to take care of a class so props to people who are teachers but this will not be my future that's what i'm know from this week :p) although it was alot of fun to be working there with a friend of mine it was not somthing i would want to do in the future. 

but anyway i have extra time now. last week i heard of my friend (where i'm working with: @JohnEarthBreathGames )  i can work on the second fase of a main boss  O.o i was so suprised but so happy on the same time. i'm already done with that as well. i really hope he will lik it because i maked somthing from the boss that is not his original form but mabey this will bring somthing special to the game design also for the person who will do the pixal art for my designs i hope you like it as well and i didn't give you a job that is to hard :/ but i hope you like it though. i'm really happy how the last fase turned out but i'm not so sure about the second fase but otherwise i can always change the designes i make. also i hope i soon can show you the designs because i'm pretty proud of how they turned but i think i should a while and release the drawings when the game comes out (just to respect the game maker and my friend) 

anyway i will have some more time now and i hope i can make more drawings in the future so you guy's can look forward to somthing. i'm planning to make somthing pretty special to me and for my friends. but that will be a surpise ^_^ 

but anyway i hope you all have a wonderfull day and don't forget:

Stay Postive <3


(enjoy the music ^_^ : from sinon Nightcore - Unbreakable (Switching Vocals) - (Lyrics)  )



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2017-03-16 11:50:40

Significant chance I'll like it. Even if I won't (that'll be against all odds) I'll appreciate your help greatly

NyanaCreation responds:

aahww thanks ^_^ i really hope so because it will probebly be not somthing you expect but i like it so mabey it will turn out good ^_^ but thanks and i love to help so :3


2017-03-16 13:45:05

Be sure to send it soon. Looking forward to seeing it.

NyanaCreation responds:

i will (just recovering from a little sickness but i'll make sure to send it soon)