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welcome to my little corner of the internet,my name is Nyan or Nyana and i am a non-binary bean who mostly makes
art, stories and audio. my goal is to make your day a bit brighter with the content that i make. i hope we can have some good times toghter.

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The future becomes the present when you start again. (writing contest January )

Posted by NyanaCreation - February 11th, 2019

Hey guy's,

so i entered last month to the writing compition of january and @Fro just posted the results. i appreaciate him putting so much efford into reading all the stories and even hosting compitions like this to give writers on NG a challenge every single month. unfortunally i didn't win but that wasn't the reason i competed in the first place. i saw some amezing stories coming by and i think they deserve it just as much. i want to congratulate all the winners of that month TheInnerScience Dranj - The Gatecrasher  and LiamRomK  )

anyway i enjoyed the writing of that month so i thought why not post it on here as well so everyone who enjoys my writing can read something of mine (instead of poems i post or other random stuff i talk about) anyway for the older readers they know that i posted stories a while ago so this is probebly a throw back but anyway here is the story i wrote. i hope everyone can enjoy ^^

Tittle: the future become the present when you start again.


Some days i wonder where you are. Like the blackness of my soul you stole away from me the minute you left my world. I can’t explain it anymore but your gone. I don’t know what it is what drove you to stand next to me but you where there. Like an oil stain on paper I couldn’t remove you from my life and then suddenly you disappeared. Nobody knows where you are and I never heard of you again but this time I have to start over again.


Like the past the present is just as important and you where a part of my past. A painting that is hanging on my wall reminds me every day of you and all that I am missing but you’re not there anymore.


The present is a gift. A gift that by some has been given by a god or some other creature with magical powers but for me it is just another day. Now it is another day without you. It might be a day that could be special, and everything could be changed in a second with out knowing what has been going on and I know that.


Like a waterfall it falls every day. Let’s say this waterfall will never dry and it will keep on going and it will always fall as far as it can. never ending in a splash on the ground but continuing like the place it fell from was a floating island you will never be able to see again.


You will remember the grass you once pasted, you will remember all the trees you saw, the night skies where you could admire the stars and where you saw a falling star once and where one time you floated past a village and you stayed for a while but then had to move on again. These are the memories of your past.


But again, there was a ledge and you fell from the edge of the world moving on from that one to the next.


You will fall, you will always fall again and again and fall harder than another time but in between you still can look up at that island where you had those memories and wonder how it could have ended if you stayed but you didn’t and your heading towards your new world.


Instead of looking back you will look forward and there will be a new world waiting for you. Like the world you left behind was doing before.


One with new rivers, people, trees, smells and more. Where you can have new experiences and your future will be laying there waiting for you to arrive and instead of being your future then the future will change in to your present and will show you new wonders of his world.


And one day that present will pass on to be your past like all your futures will. They always will be waiting for you to arrive in there moment and they will all have there moments to shine. I wouldn’t call it just a day anymore. Maybe it could be a present of your future. Maybe that’s why the present is named after a gift. It’s a present specially made for you.


But not all futures are wonderful, and neither can be your presents. Not all beginnings are one to look forward to. Some futures are grim and sad. Ones you will never expect but shape you to the person you are today and even those futures are a new beginning of your personality.


The heartbreaks, the betrayals of friends and family, the loss of people and more are also new beginnings. Some of those beginnings are now the past for some people and they never got the chance to say goodbye. They started scared and crumbled. Dead in the eyes with just one little bit of hope where they hoped other futures would be better.


Not every beginning is a good one, but every beginning will end eventually. People would call them sections or chapters like from life. When someone dies it is a new beginning in the life of someone else. They will have to life forever without that person and that might hurt but it will give their wings strength or let them become a fallen angel broken and lost.


Nobody knows what they will become in the future. Only the future will know that story and the time master will know as well. They may sit in a chair. The past, present and the future writing their books and then passing them onto another.


The future writes the books. She writes all the things that happen for everyone or just one person. With a stroke of her pen she will write a full book for every person’s life. One shorter than the other. It might make her sad that a daughter just born passed away from a disease, but she goes on every single day writing a new beginning and a new chapter for a boy, a girl or someone in between.


Then there is the present. He gets all the books that the future writes and makes sure every single action gets carried out. Like a movie director he sees all the actions people have done and makes sure they get all carried out as the future has written for them. He sometimes gets sad as well because not everyone has a happy beginning or ending.


Then there is the past. Sitting in the last chair. Like the other two he knows what has been going on, but he is special. He stores the present into the past. Thousands of book cases where he stores everything every day and he knows what goes on. Every sad memory left behind by people who have to start over again but also the happy new couples and parents and more people who are so happy about the beginning. He knows these memories are lessons for a better future even though some lessons are hard and cruel.


And then there is the time master who manages time, so time is not stuck in one place.


It’s a nice idea right? Everything even the past is already written in the future. All your chapters stored into the hands of the future until the present gets their hand on it. Or isn’t it more beautiful that every new beginning has been a future and became your present and later your past.


Maybe we will never know or maybe when your chapters end another book gets opened and we start over again fresh with a clean slate. Or we get to a door where you get a choice. Live again with no memories of your past or pass on with every memory preserved as the person you where and always will be.


You will never know until then we will only know that there will always be new beginnings until we end our books forever.


Until then we will always have to look towards the future with a smile, have to live with the present and learn from our past and even though the past will sometimes let us hate the present and the future we will have to remember that we will always have a choice if we want to start a new chapter again and begin a fresh start.


We will never be alone in our steps into a new beginning and there will always be our guardians that will protect us and support our choices and that’s why I will let you go and start fresh again.


I will turn the page over and there will not be the oil stain you left and I might turn back the page to look at what happened then and I will not always be happy with the choices I made but I will not dwell on keeping myself on that page and I will turn over a new one.


Even if the new page is fresh, I will stain it with my new words of my new beginning where I will meet new people, make new friends, and become the person that I wanted to be even though I am scared of what might come towards me.


I will chase the life goals I always wanted to for fill, and I will learn from my mistakes to see what will make my future even more beautiful than it could already be. I will never regret the people I have met without a doubt and I will never regret meeting the new people in the future because they make the person I am today and I am proud of that.


The fresh page will make my new life longer than it was before and even though it will scare me to death it will make me stronger and I will never forget that.


A new page isn’t always beautiful, but it will give new meaning to life, make you stronger as well as let’s you see the other beautiful things in life.


I hope my chapter will go on for a long time still. 


My name is the future and right now I am looking towards the present who I will become. I will have to start a new page again and say goodbye to my future. I finally will see my and your stories played out and even if you stain the page like I sometimes had to do before. Let’s make something beautiful toghter. 

~The End

i don't know how they found me- do it all the time:


Billie Eilish-bury a friend (lyrics)


Matt Maeson - "Me And My Friends Are Lonely" [Official Audio]


The Correspondents - Fear & Delight (Official Video)






Alice Francis - Shoot Him down! (Official Video) (Break his neck, neck, neck, neck)


i hope you enjoy ^^

~N )


Comments (2)

Interesting concept about the past, present and future as writers in their chairs, with the future becoming the present, who becomes the past. Never thought of it like that, great writing ^_^ (although there are still a few typos, but pff)
Did you spend several days on this, or just a couple of hours?

Didn't know NG had the writing contest these days... maybe I'll "compete" next year :3

thanks ^^ i actually took me a day i think so not to long to write although i am not even sure how i thought of the idea i just thought of it and wrote it down on paper. i usually have this long spread of idea's and especially with stories i just let my thoughts carry me through the journey of the character and so this came of it and i am actually pretty proud of what i made to be honest. anyway thanks for the compliments ^^

and yup they do i want to participate more so i can practise my writing skills especially because i have less time for writing these days so this is a good alternitive to show people my work and to write more stuff for myself and have a bit of a challenge.

It's a beautiful writing. And i love how you still make your writing reach all senses. It's so easy to picture, hear, feel all you write, and it's so great for feeling close to the story. I love the concept of the past, present future, It's a very interesting idea.

And something I noticed a while ago, but this reading confirmed, is that you're so mature when you write, you talk lot of things that people haven't lived yet or don't fully understand yet, but you're so mature and looks like you understand lot of things that can take a long time for all of us to understand :D

thank you so much. i don't know whats so special about my writing that does that but i am happy it creates a magical world for you and mabey even others. thats the whole point of writing for me to begin with. to bring others to a world that i created to just forget a bit about there problems. but still thanks.

haha unfortunally i am this mature but i put it all down on ''paper'' it's a point of few i only can have and unfortunally have because of the traumatic events i have been through i wouldn't say i am happy with it but one good thing is that i can wave those words and experiences into stories that spread to others. it's alot easier for others to pick up as well mabey they learn from it. i seem like a light hearted person but i actually hide alot of more mature side in the real world what makes writing for me a really nice outlet. but thank you so much i really love this comment of you. i would love to hear more from you in the future.