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my day was morning happiness, and an depressing night.

Posted by NyanaCreation - January 3rd, 2019

Hey Guy's,

So I am not sure how to start this post. I actually wanted to post some other stuff before but what happened today kinda broke me down a bit. To give a little insight to what I wanted to do with me posts was this.

-I wanted to tell you about the new ECF project that I have been working on for the last two weeks. It’s not vicable but know I am busy with it and I hopefully will post about it more soon.

-and I  wanted to ask my friends what they thought of me by asking them questions and then posting there answers to NG so they could see the honest truth about me without lies. Even the less beautiful parts I wanted to put into it.

Instead of that I have to write down my day because I am stuck with it. I had a good day until something happened later on. So I guess I have to begin somewhere.

The day started early for me or even the night before. I had to get up early but I have been having sleeping problems so I wasn’t able to sleep at all until 3 am in the morning. I forced myself to be in bed until atleast 9 am so I would have atleast 6 hours of sleep.

I got up at 9 am to go to 2 friends or atleast one friend and her boyfriend and we would go racing. I am not sure what it is called in English but we would go into these little race cards and just have fun on a race track. Of course this is very expensive and I don’t have the money for that but her boyfriend decided to pay for me what I am very great full for.

So of course I went to the train station (took me an hour but still) and met up with them. I was surprised that they where both early but they ended up in the middle of the train station walking area because they had a different type of train. Have no idea how to explain that better. As well as I had to walk longer than them like 5 minutes extra but that’s all. Not a big deal.


Anyway everything is going good until this point. We joke around, we have fun and we head towards another train that goes to the racing track where we are able to do that thing what I explained before. From there we had to take a bus that was pretty close to the train station of that place. We got there still laughing and having fun but when we got there the racing track it was closed for some reason.

My friends boyfriend is confused because he went there before and they’re always open around that time and it said on the site that it was open. The case was that only in this month it was closed so that luck we had. We called them as well but of course they never picked up (for obvious reasons)

We we’re a little disappointed but we had hope we would just go to another race track to do the same thing. We went towards the busses and headed back to where the trains where.

Of course there we checked all the other places that where close to go to but everything was open for racing until late so we where a bit bumped out about that until her bf said to us that we could go to the movies and the solution was given.


We where both like why not so again we went into the trains to travel to his place. He had 2 free tickets or something so he was happy about that to. We got to his place and we still joked around, me making him jealos what was funny of course and we had to wait. Or atleast after we figured out to witch movie we would go. We wanted to go to Fantastic beasts 2. I will call It that because I don’t know the full tittle anymore. Anyway everyone let the people they lived with know that they would be there and would be home later as well as did i.

Anyway my friend she let her mom know that she would be home late and after dinner. Her mom told her before that it would be fine if she told her before time. She messaged her 14:15 and the movie started 16:10. We waited and for me it was fine and I had no problems and until later she didn’t have any problem either.

So  we of course had to wait so I and her boyfriend decided to play smash. Of course I sucked at playing it because it was I think the first time I played the game or atleast the newest that has been in store. I played it once very shortly but that’s it. He was impressed though that I had 560% demage with kerby and I learned fast and I could keep up a little even though I lost every time but I had fun.

We both tried to get her to play to but she refused and waited for her moms responds.

Anyway after an hour or so we ate something (the boyfriend was very nice about that and made something for both of us although it where just little sausage bread thingies in the oven but still)

We ate and after we headed towards the movies.


Until this point there was no problem, eh maybe one though. I never told them but when we got to the boyfriends house they got more and more touchy. Not in the sexual kind but just kissing and hugging and it’s fine but not everytime. So everytime they kissed I made a funny face and just pretended like I kissed someone very stupid and funny way. Not like some people do with a mirror but you know just making fun of them so they wouldn’t do it as much. It made me feel lonely to be honest.

I caught them every time though so I am kinda proud of making them laugh a bit. Even if I seemed happy I wasn’t. I never got jealos it just made me feel worthless. like really worthless. even in the end it frustrated me but at this point it wasn’t that bad but still.


Anyway moving on from that part, we went on to the movies and we went with the bus first and then we walked a part what I didn’t mind of course but I was a bit more distant. I didn’t feel so comfortable and the longer the day went on the more I felt like the one outside of the little group of three we had.

Eventually we got to the cinema and we where all happy to finally have something to do toghter. Anyway we went in, the boyfriend bought the tickets and I thanked him again. He even bought me a ticket for free food and something to drink what I honestly didn’t expect but he is a rich boy so he didn’t seem to mind at all.

We went up stairs towards the food and the rooms but in the middle of getting to the food my friend got called. It was her mom. The first words I heard from her mouth where ‘’yes so? Than I will not go tomorrow but the tickets are already bought’’ and from that moment I knew what was going on.

Her mom is the type to be very dramatic and she can’t litterly do anything. She made the rules that she was able to go as long as she wanted but she had to let her mom know but instead of following her own made rules she did this to us as well as more so to her daughter.

The tickets where bought, she had kept to the rules of her mom, we finally did something and in that minute my hope was shatterd again.

You need to understand we where traveling around the whole day to do something what failed 3 times and we finally found something to do and her mom just destroyed that with a single sentence.

It probably seems like a stupid thing but these are some of the reasons I got mad and sad at the same time.

-One: we failed 3 times to find a racing track.

-Two: we finally found something to do after maybe an hour or more.

-three: we traveled at least more than 3 hours before going to the cinema.

-four: we finally did something with the three of us. (I wanted to get to do something fun with them)

-Five: I almost never get invited to things from anybody. It felt like I had friends I could hang with.


-Six: her boyfriend had payed the tickets what wasn’t cheap and I felt like I wasted his money.

-Seven: I felt worthless and helpless because I couldn’t do anything to confince her mom.

-Eight: her mom threatened her not to let her go to something the next day what she had planned.

-Nine: we where with three people so everyone would get home as save as possible.

-Ten: My friend let her mom know 2 hours before hand she would get home later and wouldn’t be there for dinner.


-Eleven: her mom said she could go as late as she wanted if she let her know before hand.

-Twelve: her mom never responded in the two hours inbetween.

-thirteen: her mom broke her own rules.

-fourtien: it’s a bit selfisch but I traveld more than 5 hours today just like my friend and I could have done something more useful.


And those are just some of the reasons. I don’t know the others. The worst thing is that we had to go. She was sad. She couldn’t stay because she would get punished, if she didn’t stay her boyfriend wouldn’t stay. I couldn’t stay there because it wouldn’t be fair and I don’t know how to get to the trains and I rather not travel in trains that I am not sure of. So basically I also had to go.

I told my friend I would have just watched the movie because her mom has been always a bitch and more the last times. I would have rebeld and just have gone without a doubt but she couldn’t do that what I can understand as well. And there we went all disappointed and from that moment I went on silent mode. I was mad.

I put on my scarf (that I had put in my bag because we where about to go into the movie theater or room whatever you call it. I put my scarf back on, put my gloves on and as well put my cap on (baseball cap something like that but it wasn’t for baseball) I didn’t walk around with it but I took it with me because I knew if you would have a helm on you will get out with messy hair so I took it with me.

I put that on because I was done with the world. Again my hope was crushed. Even though I could litterly have touched the goal of today it was smashed into the ground. I can’t imagen what the other have thought. When they asked once I told them I wanted to smash her mothers head in with a baseball bet or atleast hurt her quite a bit. We all made jokes about that for a bit.

One thing to understand though her mom isn’t a nice person. The first time I saw her she was racist towards a girl. The second time she didn’t even want to pay nessescary supplies for her daughter even if she had the money but that disappeared. And further than that she lies, and just doesn’t follower her own rules as well as mood swings that aren’t fun for my friend and I hate her mom for it.


It’s basically the reason why I don’t want to go to her house anymore. I also told my friend that I don’t care what her mother thinks of me because I am not there for her but I am there for my friend. She laughed and just said ‘’you sound like your dad’’ from that point on I went silent.

I know they where worried in the train. I heard them whisper.i heard them talk. I just stared out of the train window without moving an inch. I was on the point of crying of anger. I don’t know what it was to be honest but them hugging and kissing a bit for comforting her made it even worse for me.

The worst thing was that the boyfriend petted me over my knee and my friend jealously I guess joky pulled his hand away saying he shouldn’t do that. I joked that day around by poking around by both of them. By my friend more than her boyfriend because I know her better and the jealos action joke was funny but in that moment my heart sank to my shoes even more.

I could keep my tears in and I wanted to walk away but I didn’t. I don’t want to tell her this in person because I am ashamed of having feelings. They are happy toghter, they support each other and I have nothing. Nobody that supports me with so much love. I  never ever would steal him away from her never I am not that kind of person. But just seeing them hug and kiss in that train section it broke me just a bit more. Just shuffing in my face that I am not loved at all. By nobody.

The worst thing is I felt worthless, and selfish in that moment. I know she was hurt and I couldn’t help what also made it worse for me. I feel like a bad friend but that way I have felt for a little while now.


Anyway we got out of the train on the main station we met and they where kind to bring me to my next train they really didn’t have to. The boyfriend made us both laugh for a bit but inside I felt dead again. I got to my train and luckly it just got there so it would be empty very soon in the beginning if you waited until everyone was out of the train before.

Anyway my friend wanted a hug and I gave her one and then I wanted to step in but she said I had to give a hug to her boyfriend to so I did. I thanked them for the day because most of it was still fun and I just went in and I was alone again for the next couple minutes.

The worst thing was I had to sit there for almost an hour without music and the train gets busier the closer it gets to leaving so I had people around me everywhere. I hoped nobody would sit next to me but unfraternally I was again the person to be chosen.

I would describe my day as morning happiness, depressing night.
I hope I feel better soon and if any of these people read this then I am sorry.
For everything that happened.
I am sorry for being silent but I can’t handle telling you.
I am sorry for being a bad friend.

To everyone else I am sorry I can’t post anything else today. I hope to post something soon though. Anyway. I hope everyone is having a better day then me and otherwise I hope it get’s better soon, and thank you for reading.


Anson Seabra – Broken

Jaymes Young - Tied Down (Lyric Video)

Johnny Balik - Honey (Audio)


Cobi - Church Of The Lonely [Official Music Video]

KALEO - I Can't Go On Without You (legendado)

David Guetta, Bebe Rexha & J Balvin - Say My Name (Official Video)


Comments (3)

Hey Nyana.
Before I start talking about that relatively bad day of yours, I have to ask, what's ECF?

Sorry to hear the racing was cancelled for some reason. But please tell me more about the racing. Was it a derby (cars racing/crashing event) or what?

And oh, I didn't know "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2: The Crimes of Grindelwalt" (I think he was called) is in the cinemas now ^_^ I watched the first one in the cinema, and enjoyed it, so I might see this one there as well, so thanks for that :)

OH! You played Super Smash Bros? :3 My neighbor buddy has that as well, I've only played it once, but for like 1,5 hours in one go 'xD (Link (not young Link) was who I quickly become good with, even better than my buddy actually, he usually uses Kirby, but yeah, with Link's sword it's really easy to smash enemies off the map, I recommend you try him the next time ;) )

Ah, I can understand how you felt when you saw your friend and her boyfriend hug and kiss. When I see two people publicly displaying their love, I feel my own loneliness rise, enhanced, more intense and tangible than before. I think "...that must be and feel nice... I'm glad they care about each other and feel comfortable and secure enough to do that stuff around me, but how do they think it makes *me* feel? ...I wish someone cared about me like that"
And, naturally, the feeling of being redundant, unwanted and awkward easily comes along this special feeling when seeing and wanting love. I've felt that as well, sad to hear you did, too *teddybearhug*

Very kind of the boyfriend to buy you both a movie ticket and a free-food ticket! Did you get popcorn or something, or did you have to put that away when the mom called? (that immature woman who goes against her own words, no adults should do that, especially not a parent)

Hmm... from what you're saying about your friend's mom (mood swings, temper and such), maybe she has some sort of prognosis like a bipolar disorder? If I were you, I'd ask your friend a bit more about her mom, carefully, of course.

What your friend said to you, ‘’you sound like your dad’’ kinda sounds like an insult to me... I don't think your friend meant those words to hurt you badly if it did.

On the train back from the cinema, what were your friend and her boyfriend worried about?
Her mom, you, or something else? It's anyway terrible to hear how bad you felt.
I've been close to crying from a mix of sadness and anger a couple of times in my life. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, not even my worst enemy. So I'm sorry to year you had too feel those emotions on the train, due to something that was out of your control (your friend's mom)
It was rude of them to hug and kiss right in front of you, I think.

I have no idea why the boyfriend patted you on the knee, though, so that's why I'm going to ask about it, sorry to remindyou of that event :/ was it like just 2 taps for less than a second, or was it him holding his hand there, rubbing it as if it was a pet for a handful of seconds?

But: you don't need to be ashamed of having feelings. Yes, they are often a pain in the ass to have, but there's no use in being ashamed of them, for they are part of what makes us people. And Nyana: you *are* loved by someone, at least 1: me, your Onii-Chan ^_^ If I were there, I would just sit quietly beside you, in silent comfort. I'd hold hands with you if you would allow me, and I'd be there for you, the whole evening. I swear.

You shouldn't have been "forced" to hug her boyfriend though, at least, that's what I think. Oufh, sorry you had to sit for almost an hour without any music (why? didn't bring the headset with you, or out of battery?)! Happened to me about a year ago, had to take a boat trip for 15 hours with no music... it was dreadful, boring, and kind of... painful, to not be able to be sort of shielded from the world with music depending on the mood. So I know your pain here, too, and you have my compassion about that as well.

You don't have to be sorry for what happened, none of it was your fault!
Wasn't your fault the track(s) were closed.
Wasn't your fault the travel times took so long in total.
Wasn't your fault your friend's mom is an unreliable bitch.
And I don't think you're a bad friend. You're a friend. Period. We all have good and bad days. For you, that day was a bit good but a lot bad. But your friends still care about you, no less. Your friend didn't overreact when you said how you wanted to treat her mom, and even joked around with the idea a bit ;)

I hope you are able to process this rough day, recharge, and go to the race another time, and see "Fantastic Beasts 2" at a later date!

(P.S.: you mix "that" and "what" sometimes, using one when it should be the other, just letting you know, being the grammar-obsessed person I am ;P . I understand you probably wrote this text relatively quickly and while feeling down, so I understand that that may have had an impact on your grammar, and I respect that.
Meant no offence or harm in pointing this out.)

Had a problem like that as well, though I invited someone (Laurie in case you wanted to know) and I didn’t tell anybody about it, since I was
All alone at home. But they’re found out the next day, I didn’t even have time to wake up that my mom scolded me. But you know, that’s my own problem, I should’ve told them, but whatever.

i honestly think that that isn't the same thing. you descided not to tell your mom (and she knows laurie so it shouldn't have been a huge problema as well as you choose to do that) this was told to her parent hours before hand and then all the things before hand made the emotion so much worse especially because they where being lovely to each other right infront of me. and it's nice that they supported each other but it hurt me especially after what happend. but i guess thanks for commenting. you don't do that anymore or talk for that matter with me.

@Natcl23 @NyanaCreation her parents didn’t know actually that I was alone, or I should say that i didn’t say anything to my mom or anybody else, and they didn’t like that and stuff

it isn't that bad though you know her for a very long time but it still isn't the same thing.