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welcome to my little corner of the internet,my name is Nyan or Nyana and i am a non-binary bean who mostly makes
art, stories and audio. my goal is to make your day a bit brighter with the content that i make. i hope we can have some good times toghter.

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What i have been thinking about.

Posted by NyanaCreation - August 30th, 2018

Hey Guy's

So it feels like I haven’t been writing in a while, that’s because in my personal some stuff has been going on that gives me a lot of stress. Luckly I got my wonderfull boyfriend, friends as well as all the support on NG that give me hope throughout the day. Unfortunally the stress results in of course stress, worrying, and break downs. Luckly they haven’t been as bad as I had them before but they still suck. The situation I am in I have been in for weeks what costs a lot of mental labor as well as my own mental health hasn’t been great because of it but like I said I have been keeping up. If nobody was there I would have felt way worse. Anyway so besides that I just wanted to talk and let you know what has been going on with me.

The last couple days I have been very busy, not only with the situation but also with spending some time with my bf, (because we can’t really see each other through out the day) so every second is precious, but I also have been trying to forget the world a bit with music, working on idea’s of art as well as thinking of a way for new audio. What is one thing I wanted to talk about as well.

In the past two months (I think) I have been posting more audio. Of course it isn’t a whole lot but it’s still something what I am proud of. I have only seen music on NG and starting out with this was kind of a risk for me because I was/am doing something I haven’t seen someone else doing on here. I of course could be wrong but personally I haven’t seen anyone posting audio poems, scripts and soon adventure stories ^^ what made it very scary at first as well as finding an voice actor was a challenge.

I have spoken to some voice actors and it was mostly a no because I couldn’t pay them or they never reacted. Of course that is fine but that broke my little heart that I have left a bit because I just wanted to start out with audio and litterly nobody was willing to help me out (also I wasn’t above the I think 50 fans) what compaired to them is I guess someone small. While I think that’s still really freaking awesome.

But of course one day I found this amazing guy @TheEighthHour who was willing to help out. I of course lissend to his voice demo first (because I can’t invite someone to a project if I don’t like there voice in the first place) but I really liked it. I am so glad he was able to help me out and right now we have collab 4 times with so many projects in the future, or atleast I hope so ^^

I also was scared of the reactions I might get because the audio portal isn’t a small place. A lot of people have strong opinions but until now I just got so many good reactions. Litterly nobody has been mean to me and everyone has been so supportive ^^ and a guy also scouted me (unfortunally I can’t find his name for some reason but if you read this thank you so much. I am so gratefull) especially after I got scouted the audio me and Eighth made got so many lisseners what is absolutely insane but awesome at the same time.

And in the near future I am planning something even more awesome. Right now I only have poems I made as well as I am kinda out of script idea’s but don’t worry there will still be those as well. But I also wanted to put my writing skills to the test. I wanted to make an interactive story telling audio.

In that audio you will be the main character going through some situations and not like a normal audio where you just have to hear the story. No I want you to be able to choose your action. There will be multible paths you can take with each of them going a really different route. I don’t want it to end the same way. This will be a major challenge on my part because how will you put that down on paper because it will be a whole family tree line of stories all with a different route.

For me it will be hard because I have to figure out how to place it all where each story line ends different and you have enough choices to choose from. But I think I would love it. I always loved where I could choose my own path and I hope you will to. I will try to start out small but make it bigger when it goes on. I just hope everyone takes it well. (also I need to make the choices clear so there will be no confusion) I also probably will make a playlist with the different stories and chapters if there ever are one. I asked Eighth about it and he was fine with it so I am excited. Just need to figure out how to do all this ^^ also to be clear you will be able  to die early on if you make the wrong turn but you can get out of it if you make a smart descision but I won’t be doing any mercy things :p

I just hope you all like this idea. Anyway this where basically all my thoughts and I wanted to post this because I am bored and I am waiting for a reply from some people ^^ (haven’t checked NG yet but I will after I post this) but anyway I have been rambeling way to long. I hope everyone is having a good day and otherwise I hope it will be getting better soon.


(enjoy some music i just found and enjoy lissening to it ^^ )









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I’m Glad things worked out for you in the end and that sounds like a great plan;having a list of contents to put out in the audio portal and working together with a talented person like TheEighthHour.I hope I may even have a chance to collaborate with you one day too!I wish you both the best of luck in your projects and happiness in your relationship!Hope to see and hear more from you soon!

Oooo, this is a really interesting and unique idea my dear! ^_^
It will require a lot of logistics on your part, so good luck with that! And of course, with the planning as well ^^ if you want to get my opinion on something, don't hesitate to ask, okay? I really look forward to see/hear what you and Eight will cook up :D

That is super interesting, I don't think I have ever seen it done before! I hope everything turns out great! I'll be happy to check this out haha

it hasn't been made yet and i haven't been able to write since i have classes now and i am home really late. haven't had rest for the last two days in a row. but i'll try my best thats for sure ^^

@Jake87Game @NyanaCreation I believe in you Nyana! I know it will be great, just don't force yourself haha <3

haha thanks ^^ wish i could do the same and i won't force myself i have already alot of stress and stuff in real life so forcing won't help. thanks for the support though ^^

This project sounds wonderful! with eight's help, and your awesome talent, I'm sure it will turn out into a great story/game. I love your stories, and being able to make decisions in it will be so great!!

You have all my support, and also, if you need any music, I'll be happy to share it with you, I have some songs, and loops I haven't uploaded in the internet, but let me know if you want to check them out so I can send them to you :) (they were made for an rpg project, so maybe they can fit in :D )

anyways, congrats on the project! it's an amazing idea, and you can do it! you already have all the talent :D

thank you so much for the support and your helping hand ^^ right now i started with classes again so unfortunally i don't have much time to do it :/ but i will keep it in mind and try to complete a small story in the beginning. i hope it all turns out well. but thanks for the support and believing in me and @TheEighthHour i really appreaciate that ^^