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welcome to my little corner of the internet,my name is Nyan or Nyana and i am a non-binary bean who mostly makes
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How someone gave me doubt.

Posted by NyanaCreation - July 31st, 2018

Hey Guy's 

so as some might now a couple weeks some guy coppied my stuff as well as my friends. the update for that is he deleted all his posts except from one that i guess is his own but i am not sure. (if you want to check it out in another post i talked about. it's called: (a warning for everyone) what i absolutly not appreaciate. i here tried explaining what happend the icon of the guy is a blue background with a white cartoon character) anyway i wanted to tell you all what has been going trough my mind since then.

of course i had my awesome friend who had is birthday what i am so happy about that he liked his birthday gift and i made an awesome relationship where i am happy in as well been to my first party (that i am wanted at) with LGBTQ+ people (what was so awesome and i felt so at home) but beside that doubt has been going through my head. 

the guy who copied just a post gave me doubt about alot of things. the biggest doubt i have is on NG itself. i of course try to trust everyone as much as i can and take there word as they are and expect them to say the truth but because of him i started to doubt some of my own help. 

i always react on posts from people and before him i did it alot even if it was a small post or something like i am new here. i always commented on them and gave advice to people as well as welcome them to NG. right now with every post i check out i litterly doubt if i have to comment something in case someone has other intentions. my mind goes wild and i doubt that i would even help out and that people will take advantage of something i did. i didn't have it bad and i know that but i already have trust issues with letting people into my life and this gave it a massive kick back to where i was before what sucks alot. i know i had a small taste of what people have to go through dailly and for me this already gives me something i worry about for a week now what is totall bullsh*t because i shouldn't care but i do. 

for me taking or copying something without asking something from someone is like taking a peace of them away. it's something that is or was close to them and just pretending it is you what isn't okay. for me personally this makes me sick to my stumach litterly and it effects something in my life what is helping people and letting them feel like there welcome. i love doing this and making people feel like there wanted here and showing them that there are people who care about what you have to say and giving advice to people who really need it. i like doing that because that's the only thing that makes me feel less worthless about myself, because i feel like i have a purpose and that is making people feel better. support is the biggest thing you can give someone and if i am the one who can do that i want to be that person. but because of this one effent i look at every move i make, think about every out come and makes me doubt helping people what i hate about myself right now. it's not okay to me that i am doubting it. and i am sorry because of this if i can't be there for someone even  if it is a small thing. i wanted to say i am sorry. 

i hope i can doubt myself less and less sooner and be back again helping out as many people as i can but right now 
everything i do i doubt and unfortunally i can't do anything about that. anyway if you ever need my help my inbox is open and i will try to help you if i can. anyway i hope to be feeling less doubt soon. 

anyway i hope you all are having an awesome day ^^ 


(also enjoy the new music i found ^^ )










Comments (9)

I'm sorry someone copied something from you,I would be so ticked off if someone did this to me,hope it doesn't happen to you again.

WOW, you know if you need a lawyer, I know someone that knows someone that is really good with copyright disputes.

This must be a hard time for you,so take all the time you need gor this to clear up.Some people would even use the saying 'Good artists copy.Great artists steal' to defend their actions but that's a poor excuse for theft or plagiarism in this case.For it to happen so many times must have affected you terribly as a creator but sadly,that happens too often in reality and not just online.
AdventVoice has a thoughtful suggestion below but that seems rather drastic because of the other person's (ahem)age.Maybe he didn't know better at his age(I know I didn't) and that someone should talk to him about it.Personally,it's best to let it go for now and keep an eye out for such people and don't worry,we as a community can work against such threats to creators like you as they are just a minority everyhwhere.
Good thing you found out about it in time thanks to ZebraHumor or else,that would have been a bigger nightmare.Get better soon and hope to hear and see more from you soon!

Yes, it's terrible what he did, please don't let it hurt your spirit, I know it's frustrating, but please keep that beautiful soul you have and keep on being kind and open with people :)

I mean, thanks to your amazing attitude towards life, I found a great person and friend (you) :)
I think it's a good thing that you take your time out, it helps to see things from a different perpective. Just remember we're here to support you and we care about you :D

Wow, someone copying someone else is completely fucked. Kinda like going to the store and claiming that a certain TV is yours without purchasing it. And just because there is one rotten apple here that isn't trustworthy, doesn't mean everyone is... But I guess you already know that.

Stay awesome, because you are!

yah i know and i also know that most aren't like that, the issue is that unfortunally i have already trust issues (even if it doesn't seem so) but this gave me a dip in responding to people but i am coming back slow. but still it is happening. btw how was your trip?

@TheDanceFloor @NyanaCreation the trip was really amazing! You would see something impressive everytime you stop at a random location! Did you have a nice holiday?

I am glad you enjoyed yourself ^^ for me my holiday was okay, not to much going on and on the same time alot of good things happend even if i didn't do to much. i will be happy when i start school soon. (although it will be nerv wrecking meeting new people) :p

@TheDanceFloor @NyanaCreation @NyanaCreation All the best when you start school and don’t worry when you meet new people;it can be fun to make new friends!Just be yourself and have fun(of course during lessons).

@TheDanceFloor @NyanaCreation @NyanaCreation Aw you are going to be fiiiiine!

haha i hope so ^^ still freaking me out though. especially because of some money stuff that we have trouble with. so i hope that goes well. i hope your looking forward to the school as well.

@TheDanceFloor @NyanaCreation @NyanaCreation Yea money sucks... But now that we know that we are going to be in the same class, friends shouldnt be a problem :D And I can really imagine how money can be a HUGE problem with education but you'll manage, one way or another :)

yup, money is a problem but i hope there is a solution. but it's great that your there to. i am curious how many classes there will be or if we will all be in one big class but if we are in the same one i am sure we will be hanging out alot there ^^ looking forward to monday as well as not but for now i am enjoying my vacation still ^^ i hope you do as well.