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a warning for everyone: What i absolutly don't appreaciate

Posted by NyanaCreation - July 21st, 2018

Hey guy's 

So to be honest i wasn't planning to make this post today but something happend what i absolutly don't appreaciate.
but what happend today crosses a big red line for me. so let me tell you what happend. 

Like always i go to everyones post i find intressting and try to help out, give advice, say hello, welcome them. just as always i come across this page: saulo-sergio  (i will not put an @ infront of it because i don't want him to notice this right away) anyway as allways i comment on a post of his and i move on and wait on a reaction.  today i got a notification from someone called @ZebraHumor who helped me out. he mentioned me in a comment on saulo's latest post. i saw that post but didn't react on it because i wasn't paying attention and i was tired as well as talking to a good friend of mine. but because of @ZebraHumor i noticed today. he litterly coppied my very first post i ever made on NG. i was really upset because of that but i wasn't angry yet. 

eventually i did some digging what wasn't hard to do. i hear from Zebra that S copied his stuff as well and i searched and it wasn't hard to find at all. he copied everything but the tittle. this made me of course more upset and i send a message to @Tomfulp to let him know about this. (with the evidence) unfortunally one of my new and good friends has been a victim to this as well because of me. i was talking to @Natcl23  and told him about what was happenng and he stood by me for the whole thing while it was happening. because he cared he commented on S his page and like not even minutes later S posted again. and he coppied @Natcl23  last post as well. this is not okay. and i absolutly don't appreaciate that. this is not okay in any way shape or form. if you want to see it for yourself you can go to his page but i am warning you like with me good friend Nat i am afraid if  you comment on something you will fall victim to his copying as well and i would hate that to happen. 

to make very clear how i think about this. i spoke some peace of my mind in a comment on my copied post. i of course didn't say everything but if anybody reads this who copies or if S reads this i want to say this:

i care about every single person in every way. for some people i have alot of care some others less but i still care. every single person i come across i want to be and feel okay and i have respect for every single person. unless you copy stuff (and some other things but i will not get into that). copying stuff unless it is from  yourself to another page that is fine but copying from others isn't okay and you lose my respect the more you do it. if you have done it once and you apologized i can forgive you, if you have done it twice and you really regret it i can forgive you still. but if you even after 3 times haven't apologized and said your sorry, or if you have done it 3 times or more and got caught and still haven't done anything like stopped and apologized i am sorry to say but you lost my respect. 

with copying others stuff you not only hurt them and make them feel horrible you also make a fool of  yourself. if you even get caught i would think you should stop because someone already caught you and what is the point of it anyway. your not getting more fans out of it, your only getting bad attention if more people know and that isn't okay i assume. if your copying someone elses words, art, or other creations i want you to know that that isn't okay and it will only give you bad attention if someone finds out and i don't want that to happen. go make your own work or creations or if you want to share something else from someone else ask the person and if they say no than it stayes a no. don't upload it than anyway. 

to the people who where copied from: i am sorry. this is the first time this happend to me and it sucks so much. i knew it sucked but i kinda froze for a bit. of course i knew kinda what to do but still what if it doesn't stop with me or you. it will only hurt more people and i don't want that to happen that is also why i wanted to warn you all. i love my friends and keep them very dear to my heart and i got so frustrated when he also did it to my friend. that is not cool. i hope he stops soon and if your getting copied from that it will stop for you as well. 

anyway i wanted to warn you all for this  because i don't want this to happen to others. i hope i could help out atleast a little bit. i wanted to share this so you all would be aware of this. anyway i hope everyone is having a wonderfull day. 




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I publicly shamed him yesterday, and tagged him in the post. Then he posted your post. We got off easy though. He stole 3 posts from some other guy.

didn't know that but yah we did but it is still sucks alot and i want to make sure others don't make that mistake also not to be harsh in any way but i got more people i could potentially reach (i am sorry if i offended you with that) i am also trying to make my friend post as well about this. the more people know about it the more will hopefully don't get the same trouble.

Aaagh that sounds terrible!! you did the most mature and right thing by reporting it to Tom Fulp, I'm sure he'll check it out and take action into that account.

I know how horrible it feels, I mean, what he did is is plagiarism, and years ago, my music was plagiarized >_< and It feels like part of your life was stolen from you. (I'll let you know the whole story if you want to know how it went :) )
I want you to know that you're so smart and kind to not have lowered into his level, and that telling it to Tom Fulp is something very intelligent, going to the authority here is the best solution.

if there's something I learned in a situation like this, is that sometimes it hurts so much that you can think about stopping to share your art, but you don't have to be afraid to share your amazing talent , the ones who should be afraid are the people who commit plagiarism and steal, since they sooner or later get caught. (they steal something for a moment, but can never steal your talent). You have all my suport :) big hugs

Sorry to hear this happened to you, Nyana, and to Natcl, too, and others.
I wonder why S does this. Perhaps they see it as a bad/cruel joke?
I hope something gets done, what they are doing is pointless and even offensive!

it's okay right now. i haven't had a message back from tomfulp but i feel alot better. i am not sure why S does it at all and i heard that he does in on facebook as well. there is no point of doing i just hope that it stops. thanks for the support though Onii-chan ^^

Good to hear you feel better my dear ^_^
Oh, on FB as well? Very strange... maybe it could be a form of compulsion?
Oh, and I forgot to say, you picked a really nice song with your post ;P ^^

yah have to tell you some stuff soon. (also happy early birthday i will try to make something for you soon) and yah on FB as well. he copies from multiple people what sucks and i really hope he doesn't have a compulsion that would suck and hard to stop. and yah i did pick a nice song ^^ just for the acation :p

You don't have to rush in telling me those things, okay? Take the time you need, you are mostly busy ;P (Thank you! ^^ oh, you don't have to... but if you really want to, you can xD )

no worries i will try to make time ^^ (and i want to just wondering how to start ^^ )

Sorry to hear, that must've been a pain to try and sort out. ;; I just wish I knew his motivation behind it (if he's 100% serious and not trolling), that seems like it would be really tedious to try and seek out newsposts to steal.
Just don't let it get to you, I'm sure things will work out. ovo

Thank you so much for the support Oddlem. i really appreaciate that. it has been the first time for me so it freaked me out luckly i had @Natcl23 to help me out and calm me down when it happend. i did everything i could think off so i hope this helped as well.