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welcome to my little corner of the internet,my name is Nyan or Nyana and i am a non-binary bean who mostly makes
art, stories and audio. my goal is to make your day a bit brighter with the content that i make. i hope we can have some good times toghter.

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somewhere in space <3

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Hey Nyan-Nyan!
Yeah, that event with the shooter was dreadful. I get uneasy thinking about it, how close to you it was. But I'm glad I could be of some distraction and comfort that day and afternoon.

It makes me happy to hear I made your day a little better, you know how ;)

Ooo, great that you have another one of these "get-to-know-me"-posts. Could be useful since your fanbase has grown a lot since last time ^_^ I remember you were in shock that you got 50 fans xD I'll make answering those questions myself a fun little challenge :P

1) Preferred name: my given first name, and (The) Lion as a joking or playful nickname :3

2) Longest relationship: no "proper", official one as of yet. Spent a small time physically with someone to see if we could/should become a couple. In the end it was a no.

3) Crush: Hmmmaaayyybe...

4) Pets: I've always been a cat person, grown up with at least 1 or 2 in the house at all times :3

5) Fav food: Meat, moose, quota-whale, shrooms, pizza, pasta, meat, and potatoes in any form.

6) Yuck food: Broccoli, blue mussels, raw banana, olives.

7) Fav animals: Phoenixes, dragons, wyrms, snow leopards, tigers, lions, red pandas, dolphins, butterflies.

8) Preferred pronouns: Him/his.

9) Sexuality: Straight.

10) Gender: Male.

11) Someone I miss: I miss the person I could have ended up together with. We used to talk hours on end on phone or webcam several times a week, about anything and everything. Even played videogames and taught each other about what we played (Fable and Fallout). Things changed for this person, and they can no longer set aside the same amount of time and energy that they dedicated to me before.

12) Fav TV-show: South Park, Scrubs, That '70s Show, MacGyver, Malcolm in the Middle, MythBusters, Star Trek TNG.

13) Bind? Not myself, but I actually gave someone else 2 binders, one black and one beige ^_^

14) Change sexuality? Nope.

15) Hugs or cuddles? Both! Though I cuddle more than I hug my best friend (asexual female), if back-scratching, massaging and pillowfights/litteral bedwrestling counts xD

16) Questions? Here's my question for Nyana: what is something you have read or heard that has stuck with you? (feel free to ask my anything, too, dear reader :) )

i wanted to answer your question even if it is really late. sorry for that.
but what is something that stuck with me. i think it was in a superhero show where a scientist said something along the lines of: even if you die you will return to star dust. you will not be who you where but you will be a part of the universe again. it maybe in such a small particale and your parts will be all over the place but you are still part of something huge.
this sentance made me a little less scared of death. i will not be there anymore like i am now but i will still be around just in a different way.

Omg Nyana, the shooting! Glad to know you weren’t there in that moment. Also about the other bad things, hope things are getting better these days :)
I love your answers! (I love wolves too) I’m gonna try answering them too :D

1.prefferd name:
Javi, or Jabicho, (both come from Javier)

2.longest relationship:
3-4 months I guess they’re short compared to others, but I always gave my best, and loved each one of those persons

3. crush:
There’s a girl I met that lives in a city close to mine, when we see each other we have lots of fun, and she’s amazing, hope our friendship/relationship grows a lot :D

I had lots of pets, right now I don’t have one, but I treasure each one I met

5.fav food:
Pastas, and Sushi, yum!

6.food you hate:
Lol no hate, but I don’t like olives (those purple ones more than the green ones)

7.fav animal:
Wolf. They’re so beautiful and I love how they take care of each other, and their howling, it’s so beautiful too! :D

I’m not sure about the meaning of the word, is it like a phrase I like?
I like the one: “we’re here to love and be loved”



11.someone you miss:
My last pet, was a dog and her name was Diana, she passed away in my arms due to the vet’s bad treatment, It’s something that broke my heart. She was like a daughter/sister to me

12.fav tv show:
“Everybody loves Raymond”, it’s hilarious how they’re so similar to mi family XD and I love the humor it uses

13.do you bind:
I do that with my stomach XD I mean I inhale to hide a bit of my belly sometimes XD

14.would you change your sexuality if you could:
Nah, I like my sexuality, and I’m happy to know it was never forced or anything

15.hugs or cuddles:
Oh god I love cuddles, but only from close people, hugs, cuddles, both are amazing from the right people

16.ask me a question:
Oh Nyana :D , I’d like to ask: What has been the best moment in your life till now?
And about asking me something, please ask anything one you like, I’ll try answering it the best I can :)

sorry for the late responds (i read it at the time but was really down) but even so i will answer the question you asked ^^
the best moment in my life for right now?....it is honestly a really hard one.
i think it was when i got my mopped. i have a beautiful Honda SS50 from my dad and i charice it alot. on the same day i got the news i was entered into the college i wanted to go to. i was late with applications and was scared i had to wait another year but i got the papers i got in and the moped on the same day. it was a very stressful period then but because of that it helped me alot and made the months after that alot of fun. it started a bond with my dad that i will never forget.

Awesome bro.