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welcome to my little corner of the internet,my name is Nyan or Nyana and i am a non-binary bean who mostly makes
art, stories and audio. my goal is to make your day a bit brighter with the content that i make. i hope we can have some good times toghter.

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somewhere in space <3

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First, your "rant" about this game reminded me of the other game you worked on a while back, the one where you had to design the main menu, a level, and enemies (I think you went with steampunk). What happened with that? Will we ever see something from there? I would like to :)

Now I'll talk about your post ;P
Sounds like WS is not a team player in a project that need people who communicates effectivly and cooperate... which is a serious issue. I hope he communicates more often, and doesn't have to be "interrogated" to get answers from him... and that he gets more punctual. Is he ditching class, or what? Does his late arrivals have any consequences for himself?

Great idea for the game, by the way! A sci-fi survival puzzle game sounds promising, and can probably be very interesting and fun to play! ^_^ ...you said it takes place on a water planet.
Is the whole surface covered in nothing but water (one massive ocean basically), or are there islands and things under the surface as well? :3

Yeah, good call to make the character in 2 layers (1 outline, 1 filler).
After watching D (you know who ;) ) create lots of great sketches and scenes in Photoshop herself, I've picked up on a thing or two about how it works xD

Oh dear! Sucks that you managed to send stuff about this game (or the game itself?) to the wrong person! :( not a nice feeling, I know since I've sent a text message to the wrong person once. But it's great to hear your dad supports you and believes in you! ^_^

I would be glad to provide any sort of assistance you think I can give, Nyana, so please don't hesitate to ask me :) I would also love to see pictures from the game, though a video would be even better :P Does the game have a title?

haha no that was my asignment to get into the school. i told you that goof. it never got made into a game i just had to sketch one to show my abilities. nothing ever happend with it afterwards. although i am still very proud of it.

and i don't know WS doesn't seem like the person to ditch class. on the conterary to be honest he is just late alot what i also told one of the main teachers on the project. we start first thing in the morning and most people live atleast an hour away from the college.

and i don't know. i only have to design the inside of the ship basically with showing the outside of the planet a bit but it's underwater so XD but i'll see if it has islands when i can do some extra work.

haha i know i am doing a study on it. it would be stupid to make a filler and an outline in one layer.

it's not that it sucks that i send it to the wrong person it's just emberrassing because i am not proud of the art work.

i have to make this game on my own with my developer so i am sure we can manage otherwise i will ask but we're trying to make this on our own what is the assignment. anyway thanks for the compliments though ^^ and the name of the game is : Lost in space

@VikingWalker @NyanaCreation I knew the steampunk game was never digitalized ;)
Just wondered if anything happened to it after you made it. I would love to see how the drawings turned out, though ^_^

Have you asked WS why he's late? (could it be that he lives further away from the collage, and he sometimes misses the bus/train?)

Ah okay, "Lost in Space" is a nice, open title, where almost anything might happen :D

mabey in the future i'll make the steam punk game thing in digital. it's still a good idea though ^^

and WS lives just as far away as everyone. i have to travel an hour atleast if everything goes right. he has the same so it's really up to him to come on time. and i don't take that excuse anymore. most of the time it's over sleeping for him and it's not sometimes it's every wednesday.

wow,this is cool to know that you're making a game,good luck on it!

i completed the game (it's okay) but thanks for the support i appreaciate that alot ^^ i posted 3 peaces of art from the game some are not used what is sad but i am still proud of what i made for me just starting out ^^ anyway thanks again.

I've been wanting to make a game for some time now, I had been messing around and watching a ton of tutorials for SOR Pancake (Streets of Rage game hacker) to customize the characters and move sets.

I really like it, but it's just something to start off so I can work on some projects of my own, y'know?

You can see what I've done so far here:

P.S. Screw WS, he's not a team player and you're much better off without someone like him. :)

it's important to watch tutoruals especially with making games and stuff thats the best way to improve instead of to improvice. anyway i hope the game your working on or the project is going as you want to.

and WS is pretty nice just alot of the times late but thanks for the support.

sounds great so far

sorry for the late reply but thank you so much ^^

Yay!!! Contrats on your first game! :D It's a big step to develop your own in the future :D
Ouch, sorry to hear about your teammate getting late, it's good to know he was a good guy, hope he understands about the time and his cool teammate :), I'm happy to know you 2 work good together :D

The game story sounds great! it can guide to many things and keep the original idea in track. I'm sure we'd love to see the art you made! if there's any chance, that would be awesome :D

Also congrats on working in photoshop and making your first projects there :)
I'm so happy your dad is giving you support, I'm sure you'lll be an amazing game developer :D

Those are wonderful news, the beginning ol lot of great things to come :D

haha thanks it is deventually a big step towards a future what is insane if you see where i came from a couple years ago. . and yah WS was kinda annoying with that fact but i talked a bit about it with that but we never got in a fight but i hope he has done something about it further he is still very nice to have around. but the project is finished and i am making another game now with 2 other great developers (devs) and another artist so i am curious how it will turn out. probebly alot better than first.

i think i posted a couple peaces of it on here. mostly the underwater stuff is from that game i posted some other peaces after that that are from another game project (what was froma a full week) so you can check that out if you want to. probebly not posting the game though. mabey some in the future.

and thanks so much (hug)