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welcome to my little corner of the internet,my name is Nyan or Nyana and i am a non-binary bean who mostly makes
art, stories and audio. my goal is to make your day a bit brighter with the content that i make. i hope we can have some good times toghter.

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Hey Nyana.
Before I start talking about that relatively bad day of yours, I have to ask, what's ECF?

Sorry to hear the racing was cancelled for some reason. But please tell me more about the racing. Was it a derby (cars racing/crashing event) or what?

And oh, I didn't know "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2: The Crimes of Grindelwalt" (I think he was called) is in the cinemas now ^_^ I watched the first one in the cinema, and enjoyed it, so I might see this one there as well, so thanks for that :)

OH! You played Super Smash Bros? :3 My neighbor buddy has that as well, I've only played it once, but for like 1,5 hours in one go 'xD (Link (not young Link) was who I quickly become good with, even better than my buddy actually, he usually uses Kirby, but yeah, with Link's sword it's really easy to smash enemies off the map, I recommend you try him the next time ;) )

Ah, I can understand how you felt when you saw your friend and her boyfriend hug and kiss. When I see two people publicly displaying their love, I feel my own loneliness rise, enhanced, more intense and tangible than before. I think "...that must be and feel nice... I'm glad they care about each other and feel comfortable and secure enough to do that stuff around me, but how do they think it makes *me* feel? ...I wish someone cared about me like that"
And, naturally, the feeling of being redundant, unwanted and awkward easily comes along this special feeling when seeing and wanting love. I've felt that as well, sad to hear you did, too *teddybearhug*

Very kind of the boyfriend to buy you both a movie ticket and a free-food ticket! Did you get popcorn or something, or did you have to put that away when the mom called? (that immature woman who goes against her own words, no adults should do that, especially not a parent)

Hmm... from what you're saying about your friend's mom (mood swings, temper and such), maybe she has some sort of prognosis like a bipolar disorder? If I were you, I'd ask your friend a bit more about her mom, carefully, of course.

What your friend said to you, ‘’you sound like your dad’’ kinda sounds like an insult to me... I don't think your friend meant those words to hurt you badly if it did.

On the train back from the cinema, what were your friend and her boyfriend worried about?
Her mom, you, or something else? It's anyway terrible to hear how bad you felt.
I've been close to crying from a mix of sadness and anger a couple of times in my life. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, not even my worst enemy. So I'm sorry to year you had too feel those emotions on the train, due to something that was out of your control (your friend's mom)
It was rude of them to hug and kiss right in front of you, I think.

I have no idea why the boyfriend patted you on the knee, though, so that's why I'm going to ask about it, sorry to remindyou of that event :/ was it like just 2 taps for less than a second, or was it him holding his hand there, rubbing it as if it was a pet for a handful of seconds?

But: you don't need to be ashamed of having feelings. Yes, they are often a pain in the ass to have, but there's no use in being ashamed of them, for they are part of what makes us people. And Nyana: you *are* loved by someone, at least 1: me, your Onii-Chan ^_^ If I were there, I would just sit quietly beside you, in silent comfort. I'd hold hands with you if you would allow me, and I'd be there for you, the whole evening. I swear.

You shouldn't have been "forced" to hug her boyfriend though, at least, that's what I think. Oufh, sorry you had to sit for almost an hour without any music (why? didn't bring the headset with you, or out of battery?)! Happened to me about a year ago, had to take a boat trip for 15 hours with no music... it was dreadful, boring, and kind of... painful, to not be able to be sort of shielded from the world with music depending on the mood. So I know your pain here, too, and you have my compassion about that as well.

You don't have to be sorry for what happened, none of it was your fault!
Wasn't your fault the track(s) were closed.
Wasn't your fault the travel times took so long in total.
Wasn't your fault your friend's mom is an unreliable bitch.
And I don't think you're a bad friend. You're a friend. Period. We all have good and bad days. For you, that day was a bit good but a lot bad. But your friends still care about you, no less. Your friend didn't overreact when you said how you wanted to treat her mom, and even joked around with the idea a bit ;)

I hope you are able to process this rough day, recharge, and go to the race another time, and see "Fantastic Beasts 2" at a later date!

(P.S.: you mix "that" and "what" sometimes, using one when it should be the other, just letting you know, being the grammar-obsessed person I am ;P . I understand you probably wrote this text relatively quickly and while feeling down, so I understand that that may have had an impact on your grammar, and I respect that.
Meant no offence or harm in pointing this out.)

Had a problem like that as well, though I invited someone (Laurie in case you wanted to know) and I didn’t tell anybody about it, since I was
All alone at home. But they’re found out the next day, I didn’t even have time to wake up that my mom scolded me. But you know, that’s my own problem, I should’ve told them, but whatever.

i honestly think that that isn't the same thing. you descided not to tell your mom (and she knows laurie so it shouldn't have been a huge problema as well as you choose to do that) this was told to her parent hours before hand and then all the things before hand made the emotion so much worse especially because they where being lovely to each other right infront of me. and it's nice that they supported each other but it hurt me especially after what happend. but i guess thanks for commenting. you don't do that anymore or talk for that matter with me.

@Natcl23 @NyanaCreation her parents didn’t know actually that I was alone, or I should say that i didn’t say anything to my mom or anybody else, and they didn’t like that and stuff

it isn't that bad though you know her for a very long time but it still isn't the same thing.