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welcome to my little corner of the internet,my name is Nyan or Nyana and i am a non-binary bean who mostly makes
art, stories and audio. my goal is to make your day a bit brighter with the content that i make. i hope we can have some good times toghter.

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somewhere in space <3

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Wooow, that VR experience sounds awesome! and scary too XD
It's great that you decided to try it out and looks like you had fun :D

Love how you're feeling in your school, saying that it feels like home is so heartwarming.

Oh yes, I remember you talked about your break up in your previous post, I was curious of why it happened so thanks for sharing the reason with us, count with our support :)

About to Comic Con, yaaay!!! I remember you were going to go as jack frost! it's so cool you had an amazing time there :D. And that kid waving and smiling at you in the train, what an awesome feeling! :D

I'm so happy to read you again after this long time. Lots of things happened and thanks for sharing how you've been :)

the Vr experience was terrifyingly awesome. my body didn't like it at all but me i thought it was really cool even though it was not for me to be honest not the vr but the game. i hoped on another game (this was predictable XD)

and yah i got very lucky on my school to be honest ^^

yup i talked about the break up before but we got back toghter and then broke it off again so i am going along in life right now like a single pringle. but i am doing fine. him on the other hand not so much :/ what worries me.

and i loved comic con and it was so much better than last year mabey i'll go next year to but i'll see about that ^^ and the kid made my whole day and waiting for the train so much better ^^

and no need to thank me it had to be time to share some things again and this was it. some more things happend but thats for later on to see if i tell that ^^ anyway i am happy to hear from you again hope your doing great.

Heey ^_^

You dropped a text bomb, so you know what I'll do ;P
That's right! Respond with my own detonated text bomb xD

It's great you had the chance to try VR! (and that it managed to "fool" your body/brain :P )
Must have been very realistic! What were the colors like in the game? Realistic?

VR is something I really want to try one day myself. Maybe next year at the Utrecht Comic-Con? (though jumping off a skyscraper? No thanks 'xD ) Rollercoaster simulation would be great!
I'm a fan of those as well. I remember when I took a rollercoaster with 1 loop, 3 seperate times right after each other... 2 trips would have been enough, during the car trip back, I constantly had to fight the urge to puke xD

Though yeah, the situation with the food the crew could eat, the school's hypocrisy about the food, is really [curseword]. I hope those regulations for the students change, so they can eat in the classrooms, and won't have to sneak out if they don't want to eat in the cafeteria T_T
...I think it's ridiculous.

It's fantastic to hear you finally thrive in your school, and can be yourself! But please don't overwork youself, okay? I know it's important to put in effort, that's fine, but don't let it affect your health. That'll be a living nightmare. (and hey, you're amazing, too! I've been lucky enough to look in your sketch-book, and me and my artist friend were really impressed, with good reason! You are tremendously creative and your anatomy has really improved over these last months!

And that's a horrible way to break up, with him putting less and less effort into maintaining a proper relationship. That's bad prioritizing on his part; I'm certain you did nothing wrong, Nyana. If he had any wish to be your boyfriend, he would *make* the time to see you, and be more accomodating you: your personality, your schedule and so on. I hope you two stay friends.
I'm glad I was there to support you through that trying evening.

Yup, you did indeed go to the Con, as did I x3 ^_^
I saw the title for the card game you tried and bought, laughed and shook my head at the title, but didn't try it xD I'm glad you enjoyed the Con, I did, too. It was so fun to see all the awesome, interesting, intricate, original or fun costumes, and see all the different artists and tables with so many things, like Chibi backpacks, wigs, Japanese clothing (and schoolgirl uniforms), steampunk gear, fantasy gear, prop (and a few metal) fantasy daggers, jewelry... and all the art, of course.

I really like the fact that you went around and asked artists for tips about certain things, that shows a few of the things I love about you, your commitment to your art and drive to learn more! ^_^ Your Jack Frost cosplay was amazing! Huge hand-made staff, beautifully and intricately painted hoodie, yours was by FAR the best Jack Frost hoodie I saw there! (and I saw about 4 other Frosts)

Good luck on your next costume and cosplay! I wonder where it will be from :3

And for your information, I can lend my voice to your projects, if you think it fits :)
I can do a pretty good job of accents/dialects and can have different tones depending on what you want :) I can learn the audio editing program I need to put together a complete audio clip so I won't have to do it all in one take, that would be the best, I think xD

How am I? Kind of you to ask! ^_^
Since I got home from Utrecht, my creativity has been high. I've started to re-make a digital amusement/theme park I spent days on creating from scratch in Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 which I lost when I switched computer. I've written more on my fanfic, specifically, Mi'rasj's flashback's second, unpublished part, and I'll soon order a tongue, lips, and eyelids to make his real-life face seem more legit :3 Other than that, practicing like crazy for the Chrismas choir singing, Friday 21st, I think, but I could be wrong, and the revue that has the premiere 3-4 weeks earlier than usual, now it's in February. Hectic, but fun :)

Interesting choice of songs, nice variety. I like "Valentine" ^_^
But woah, the lyrics of "I don't exist" are so sad :(

Exploding Kittens sounds like a lot of fun. I really enjoyed your Marshmallow digital art work. For a first try at digital study it is awesome. I just happen to fancy rough sketch works and love the potential I see in other creators designs and ideas.

It is awesome to know you had fun at Comic Con. Hope you take pictures and go again next year.

Merry Christmas,my Friend! And if I forget,have an early Happy New Year!

I hope you’re doing well.