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welcome to my little corner of the internet,my name is Nyan or Nyana and i am a non-binary bean who mostly makes
art, stories and audio. my goal is to make your day a bit brighter with the content that i make. i hope we can have some good times toghter.

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somewhere in space <3

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I’m Glad things worked out for you in the end and that sounds like a great plan;having a list of contents to put out in the audio portal and working together with a talented person like TheEighthHour.I hope I may even have a chance to collaborate with you one day too!I wish you both the best of luck in your projects and happiness in your relationship!Hope to see and hear more from you soon!

Oooo, this is a really interesting and unique idea my dear! ^_^
It will require a lot of logistics on your part, so good luck with that! And of course, with the planning as well ^^ if you want to get my opinion on something, don't hesitate to ask, okay? I really look forward to see/hear what you and Eight will cook up :D

That is super interesting, I don't think I have ever seen it done before! I hope everything turns out great! I'll be happy to check this out haha

it hasn't been made yet and i haven't been able to write since i have classes now and i am home really late. haven't had rest for the last two days in a row. but i'll try my best thats for sure ^^

@Jake87Game @NyanaCreation I believe in you Nyana! I know it will be great, just don't force yourself haha <3

haha thanks ^^ wish i could do the same and i won't force myself i have already alot of stress and stuff in real life so forcing won't help. thanks for the support though ^^

This project sounds wonderful! with eight's help, and your awesome talent, I'm sure it will turn out into a great story/game. I love your stories, and being able to make decisions in it will be so great!!

You have all my support, and also, if you need any music, I'll be happy to share it with you, I have some songs, and loops I haven't uploaded in the internet, but let me know if you want to check them out so I can send them to you :) (they were made for an rpg project, so maybe they can fit in :D )

anyways, congrats on the project! it's an amazing idea, and you can do it! you already have all the talent :D

thank you so much for the support and your helping hand ^^ right now i started with classes again so unfortunally i don't have much time to do it :/ but i will keep it in mind and try to complete a small story in the beginning. i hope it all turns out well. but thanks for the support and believing in me and @TheEighthHour i really appreaciate that ^^